Guam Religion Percentage

Religion Percentage

Nursing, care, communication with doctors, spirituality and religion. United Micronesian, Guam, Kiribati, Marshall States. " Request for Proposal" on the website of the Attorney General's Office of Guam. GUAM'S GOVERNMENT CODE TO PRESERVE FREEDOM OR RELIGION. Formation of Guam's future leaders for Christ.

» The Muslim Association of Guam

Guam Moslem Union was established in 1990 to serve the needs of the expanding Guam Moslem communities, although the number of members has increased over the years from a peak of more than 100 to around 50 today. It is also a single information platform for the general population and has the declared aim of building mutual respect and unity between the different faiths in Guam.

The Muslims in the club adore Masjid Al-noor, the only Islamic place of cult in Guam. Preaching is in English, with quotes from the Qur'ân al-kerîm in Arabic. In particular periods such as Ramadan, the fellowship offers fasting breaks and nocturnal prayer. The members often use the centre to hold the two Islamic festivals (Ramadan and Al-adha).

It offers Muslims at Guam and weddings, divorces and other events spiritual counseling. Traditionally, the Imam is the guide of the Islamic fellowship, who is not chosen, but is the most knowledgable individual in the fellowship who guides the prayer. The next most informed member of the fellowship shall take up his responsibilities in his absentia.

Abdullah's precursor was Farouq Abawi, a long-standing lecturer at the University of Guam. Even though it is not very large, Muslim Unification is very diverse in terms of ethnic affiliation and nationality. Nearly all members are US nationals, but come from nations such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sudan, Eritrea, Morocco, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Guam and the USA.

The members consider themselves major Muslims and are following the general Islamic messages. Believers of Islam, known as Muslims, believe that God (or Allah in Arabic) has given his immediate words for humanity to Muhammad (c. 570-632) and other prophesies, among them Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Moslems believe that Muhammad is the last of the prophesies and claim that the Koran is the most important scriptural manifestation to humanity.

Moslems believe that parts of the gospel, the Torah and the Hebrew prophetical volumes (though divinely in their nature) have been forgot, wrongly interpreted, wrongly processed by people or warped by their adherents, thus corrupting their initial messages over the course of the years, and they regard the Koran as a revision of the Hebrew and the Christian writings and a definitive manifestation.

To become a Muslim, you have to repeat these words and believe in them. Among the other columns of Islam are: Mandatory prayer is spoken five daily by every Muslim. As there is no hierarchy of authorities in Islam and no clergy, the prayer is conducted by a scholar who knows the Qur'an selected by the parish.

The five prayer lines contain Koranic verse and are spoken in Arabic, the official tongue of Revelation. Though it is better to say prayer together in a single prayer in the same place, a Muslim can say it almost anywhere. Each Muslim's percentage of his earnings goes to his fellows. This percentage is set by each and every one of the individuals, although it is usually two and a half per cent.

Fasting: Each year in the Ramadan moon calender ('Ramadan') all Muslims fasted from the first day of sunset without eating, drinking and having sex. People who are ill, older people or on a trip, and those who are or are breastfeeding may stop fasting and catch up an equivalent number of nights later in the year.

When they are not able to do this they have to support one poor individual for every lost moment. Kids begin to fasted from adolescence (and to watch prayer), although many begin before that. Islamic and the global Muslim eCommunity (accessed January 5, 2015).

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