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We are so used to think "Spain, Spain, Spain" that we don't know what a great influence Mexico had on the Marianas. In the first 150 years Spain went via Mexico to the Mariana Islands, especially via the Acapulco-Manila galley itinerary. Mr. Sánvitores, who founded the first constant Marian spiritual mission in Spain, came over Mexico bringing along Mexico's laity missionsaries and troops.

Mexicans, who began to settle in the Mariana Islands in 1668, were themselves a product of the race mixing between the natives of Mexico and the Spaniards. The Mexicans of today show this blend, some of whom are more like tribal tribes and others more like Europeans.

Guam. The Mexico troops sent to Guam were bringing their own Mexico cultures. Most of them didn't pick up any mexican women. So, they were marrying Chamorro ladies. The only thing God knows is how many of us have gotten into us, as do some Spaniards, because many Mexicans have established themselves in Guam.

Sometimes the only Spaniards in Guam were the four or five of them. The Chamorro cuisine is one of the main areas of this great Mexico impact. That distinguishes us from the Philippines, where they don't seem to have much Mexico-style cuisine. Example: Below: Maize "Titiyas" is the Chamorro expression of "Tortilla".

The Chamorro titiya is fatter than the mexican variety. Guam has been rich in maize, at least twice a year. Tortillas are a round omelet of eggs and potatoes in Spain. Tamåle's Gisu: Chamorro! Even the term is from Mexico and not Spain. Originally the term (tamalli) comes from Nahuatl, the Aztec, Chamorro and Mexico are very similar.

In the Chamorro style, she covers them with handmade bananas instead of maize peels and inserts half of the tamale with lard and agote. Chamorros got the term "chalakilis" from Mexicoan " chilequiles " (another Nahuatl term, not Spanish), but as far as the similarity goes. Chiclaquiles consist of roasted maize tortillas covered with spaghetti or moles, egg, chickens, cheese o r pickled whipped with whipped egg or curd, in a wide range of different toppings.

Chameleon is made from roasted brown biscuits of chalakili. A Nahuatl for weed. It' a beet, Mex. Grew in the Mariana Islands. It' coming from the Nahuatl term commalli, with the same meanings. From the Nahuatl-speech of Mexico.

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