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is a babysitting company that takes care of tourists coming to our island. However, tourism is the lifeblood for the civilian population of the island. These optional tours are offered by Turtle Tours in Guam: We offer you a new appreciation for the cuisine and culture of our island. Guam is located in the archipelago of the Mariana Islands and is the southernmost and largest island in the North Pacific.

Sightseeing available 365 days/year

The GuamTM program includes a wide range of education, culture, history and sight-seeing trips led by a staff of seasoned, accredited and multilingual ambassadors. We' re a local ownered tour operator with a 27-year history of serving Guam's travellers from all over the globe, be it individual travellers, small interest groups, large incentives and conferencing groups or army and commercial warships.

Besides the opportunity to see and do everything there is to do in Guam from one source, Discover Guam's aim..... is to exchange Guam's GREATEST and MOST UNIQUE assets.... the Chamorro people, their island and their way of living..... through their personalised itineraries.

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Safe and protected".

As the information official said, Guam, which is used by the US as a bomber and submarine tracking station, has a great deal of cultural to it, as well as an inside view of the Chamorros, the island's indigenous peoples who have lived there for more than 4,000 years. Pyongyang said last weekend that it would have a schedule to start the rockets by mid-August.

The Guam Homeland Security has published a leaflet on how to prepare for an impending rocket attack and how humans can be protected. It contains tips for those who are "trapped outside". It doesn't seem to scare off the tourist. Tsuchiya Chiho, from Japan, said she was conscious of the message, but nevertheless chose to come to the island with her wife and daughter.

"I believe that Japan and Korea can also get a threat from North Korea, so it's the same to stay at home," she said to the Associated Press. Guam's Gouverneur Eddie Calvo said the island was in a "normal state of preparedness and busines as usual".

The city of Guam is an invitation to visitors

And Guam is the bombshell - as a touristic sight. In the epicenter of Kim Jong Un, a crazy man in the US, the island area wants to profit from his newly discovered acocalyptic glory. Although Kim was threatening to set off "enveloping fire" by landings of four rockets in the vicinity, the Guam officers want to dispel fear of an Armageddon by conjuring up the island's picturesque landscape and lonely shores.

"It is regrettable, but this is a good occasion for us to inform the rest of the Guam community about Guam and our cultural background, where we are and who we are," said Josh Tyquiengco of the Guam Visitor Bureau of Agence France-Presse. As Tyquiengco of AFP said, "We assure prospective guests that we remain a safer place.

About 2,100 leagues from the villain country, Guam is the thirty-second biggest island in America - but great in the fierce wordswars between Kim and President Trump. All of a sudden, the island on which two US forces and 6,000 US forces are located is perceived by the people. Fear of a possible assault has not stopped the tourist, Tyquiengco said.

Governor Eddie Calvo channelled the presidential election by saying that any assault on Guam would be "answered with resounding force", pointing out that the greatest danger to the island was the impending typhenseon. Friday, the incoming tourist was undisturbed by the view of rocket attacks. The Guam Daily Post said in an article that the island's spotlight offers the chance to show the rest of the island why an island of 162,000 inhabitants attracts more than 1.5 million a year.

DHS spokesperson Jenna Gaminde said to the Guam Daily News that in the event of an assault, the inhabitants would be immediately alerted by All-Hazard Alert Warning System alerts on the other side of the island. Guam, on the other hand, is also fitted with the state-of-the-art THAAD weapon system, which is able to destroy medium-haul rockets in the air.

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