Guam Flag

The Guam flag

Our high-quality indoor, outdoor and miniature flags are perfect for many locations. The Free Printable flag belongs to these categories: Pacific. Where were these flag designs created by Guam's communities? Commemorate Guam, home of one of the oldest European cities in the Pacific, with this flag! Quality Guam flags in stock.

The Guam flag

Select from a wide range of nylon or polyester fabric bottom sizes: The flag of Guam was adopted on February 9, 1948. It has a deep navy colour with a small scarlet edge on all sides (the edge was a later addition). At the centre of the flag is the coat of arms; an almond-shaped badge representing a proagan in the bay of Agana near Hagåtña, and GUAM in scarlet.

On the back side of the land form shows the Puntan Dos Amantes Rock on Guam. Guam's professionally made flags are unmatched in colour, genuineness and craft. They are always in the right ratio to the flag dimensions. The delivery period can be up to 15 working nights if the indicator is not in inventory.

All our outdoor grade nylon and polyester flags are professionally made of hard-wearing material. Nylons flying wonderfully in the lightest of breezes and are at the same time a really hard-wearing all-weather flag. Manufactured from 100% heavy 200 denier nylon, specifically processed to withstand decay.

Manufactured from 2-layer 100% polyamide to withstand even the toughest conditions.

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