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What is the center of Guam Government House (Guam) on the world maps? The modern navigation is based on satellites, so that each stage, or expedition, is guided by plotting coordinates to find them. Show all airports in Guam. These Marianas are a chain consisting of Guam, Saipan, Tinian & Rota. Co-ordinates installation, maintenance, support, documentation or testing activities to ensure compliance with specifications, codes or customer requirements.

Guam territory geographic coordinates - lat and long.

Allows you to use our finder point on the global chart of your geographical coordinates, coordinates of the point on the chart where the markers are located, as well as theitude. The name of the command line is marked by the wordD - (decimal degree). The DMS - that means (degrees, minute, seconds) are the same coordinates as your own coordinates, and will fulfill your query. location on the worldmap and will fulfill your query. point adress on the maps that are currently in the highlight.


Today, WASHINGTON - Attorney General Jeff Sessions and prosecution partner today unveiled the biggest co-ordinated investigation of older cases of scams in historical practice. These cases concern more than two hundred and fifty accused people from all over the world who have fallen victim to more than one million Americans, most of whom were older. The perpetrators are in any case involved in or largely affected by funding measures aimed at the aged.

Overall, the burden of older scam programs resulted in a loss of more than half a billion US dollar. It co-ordinated its notification with the FTC and prosecutors, who submitted a large number of independent cases aimed at older scams during the Sweep time. Campaigns ranged from bulk mailings, telesales and capital investments to unique cases of parental identities and thefts.

There have been a number of cases involving trans-national crime organisations that have cheated tens of millions of elderly people, while others concerned a family member or trustee who exploited a particular person. In these cases, the systems invoiced resulted in damage to more than one million people. The postal inspectors have been observing and investigating fraud for years.

U.S. Attorney Shawn N. Anderson, Districts of Guam and the NMI, announces on-site effort to ease the burden of prosecution that includes government crime against the aged. The Consumer Protection Department, in collaboration with the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York and others, has filed a number of cases last weekend in a co-ordinated dispute against more than 43 bulk mail scam providers, among them six people.

Additionally, prosecuting authorities carried out 14 searching orders from Las Vegas to southern Florida, serving a large number of confiscation orders, and were co-ordinated with the Vancouver police in Canada, which carried out over 20 searching orders, which included searching orders on offices. The cases recently submitted were mainly directed against trans-national criminals who together have cheated at least one million people out of their lives for tens of billions of dollars.

In fact, only one of the programs that the Consumer Protection Department pursued was run from 14 overseas territories and costs the US casualties more than $30 million. To view a card with a uniform cross-border scam pattern, click here. Bulk mail scams cause tens of billions of dollars each year in loss to older U.S. people.

Public Attorneys and US Postal Inspectors have taken a holistic view of combating this scam by interfering with and persecuting those who administer the systems, those who write the deceptive requests, those who provide listing agents who provide victims' records, and those who confiscate victims' sums. For a factsheet on bulk mail scams and cases, click here.

Public attorneys across the nation from the Criminal Division Defraud Department, the Consumer Protection Department and the US Attorney's Office have responded to the call to concentrate funds on older cases of scams. More than 50 U.S. Attorney's Office and Department Components submitted older cases of scams last year. A few of the older forms of monetary plundering being pursued by the department are:

"Telephone fraud lottery", where calls persuade senior citizens to pay a high charge or tax before receiving winning the jackpot; "grandparent scams", which persuade senior citizens that their grandkids have been apprehended and require deposit payments; "Romanesque scams", in which the victim believes that their on-line gamour requires payment for a U.

IRS Fraud Programmes", which deceive by impersonating pretending to be IRS agent and claim that they have to pay back tax; "Guardianship Programmes", which pump the funds of senior citizens into the banks of fraudulent family members or custodians. In many of these cases, an older American can loose his money to a two-faced family member, custodian or foreigner who wins the victim's trustworth.

One of the department's top priorities is the disastrous impact of these cases on both the financial and psychological lives of both the victim and their family. It has teamed up with the Senior Corps, a nationwide utility managed by the Corporation for Nationally and Community Services to train senior citizens and avoid further victimisation.

More than 245,000 older adult workers, who in turn care for more than 840,000 extra senior citizens, 332,000 of whom are veteran, are employed under the Senior Corps-Programme each year. With an extensive backbone of over 30,000 sites, Senior Corps staff will use older scams to inform and prevent possible victimization across the nation, using their abilities, expertise and expertise to inform their colleagues and supervisors about the most productive kinds of programs.

For information on the Senior Corps' effort to cut back on older scams, click here. The Kansas Attorney General Schmidt stressed the cases filed by the state Attorneys General aiming older scams within the cycle period, and he stressed efforts at the state-level to combat older abuses and guard older ones from scams and exploit.

It called on all prosecutors to work for the implementation and provision of information to the general public in order to prevent the pecuniary plundering of the elderly. Today's action benefitted significantly from the work of the International Mass-Marketing Fraud Working Group (IMMFWG), a networks of civilian and prosecuting authorities from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Europol, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Prosecutor General thanked the working group for its excellent work, which included the prosecution measures taken as part of the Vancouver Canadian Police Headquarters' campaign to stop large-scale mailings in which tens of millions of elderly people around the world were cheated. Older cases of scams may be submitted to the FTC at www.ftccomplaintassistant. gov or at 877-FTC-HELP.

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