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News-Flash - JAL extends Guam flights twice daily. The Inspire Guam brings creative people and companies together. Guam-Mary Grace D. Jacot, President and CEO, SET Pacific Inc. Not the high bidder, Flores was sold by the Navy because of his publishing background and business success.

Getting Started with Government of Guam Procurement.

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The Guam Business Suite for 2018 that provides asset and information for Micronesia..... We congratulate these high-ranking members of the economy for their many years of contribution to the..... From Wayne Chargualaf The Guam maritime and transport industry's consent is..... From John I. Borja talks with Guam's telecommunications company led to a unique conclusion:.....

MInspire Guam unites creative people and companies

Creative people and the island's economy met on Monday at the Hilton at Inspire Guam, a lecture on the topic of digitally based business and business. Invictus Consulting's meeting was designed to provide business owners and young professionals alike with the necessary tool to keep up to date with the latest developments in this area.

Some of the key issues addressed by several keynote speeches were the operation of a new business and the use of community services for the contemporary world. Denise Mendiola, Bank of Guam Business Consultant, talked about how to set up a business in Guam. Businessmen have an idea, but they need several individuals to help them get where they need to be, like bookkeepers, marketers, consultants and financiers, Mendiola said.

"You' ve got to have confidence in the business you're going to run," Mendiola said. Masters Random host podcasts and founders Boo Ada's business unit, talks about the passions to the products, rose to business owners Emilee Beachy. "You' re gonna have to keep dragging because it's your obsession and keep focused," Beachy said.

The University of Guam Human Resource Maior Joanna Camacho said she was enjoying the meeting when she found out that there is a great deal of failures before achieving this. "Businessmen try and rebuild again and again just to get where they want to be," said Joanna Camacho. The attorneys Leevin T. Camacho and Michael Gatewood explained the statutory demands for their respective business as guests.

Mr. Gatewood recommended the multitude to research licenses, corporate and regulatory filings on-line or at the tax office before going to a bar. Gatewood says that of the three general ways of structuring a business (sole proprietorships, private companies and corporations), individuals should keep away from it.

"In a lawsuit and you only have your business licence under a one-man business, you can loose everything in person, and unfortunately I've seen it," Gatewood said. Gatewood says that a start as a one-man business is the least expensive and simplest way, but not the best.

A Leevin T. Camacho recommends that entrepreneurs double-check their work. They really have to do things through the books," said Leevin T. Camacho. They are not alone," said Guam Jeriza Torres, Pacific Islands Club' assistant marketer for Guam Islands, "she learnt what the fundamental instruments for on-line marketers are and how to reach audiences in different nations, such as Japan.

Sliders proprietor, Jose De Asis, valued the lawyer's sector, which made him realise that attorneys are not as daunting as he thought.

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