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Cities won't be much nicer than Greytown. An hour from Wellington, historic Greytown is renowned for its carefully restored Victorian buildings and prime shops. Tourist information of Destination Wairarapa Cities won't be much nicer than Greytown. It is so nice that it won the prize for New Zealand's most attractive small town in 2017 - which makes us very happy! Greytown is known for its great dining and refined grocery stores, lovely colorful houses, historical buildings and exceptional candy.

Greytown, with its small, owner-managed businesses that are high class and unique, provides the contrast to the large retail centers found in many large centers today.

Look at some accommodations in Greytown. From Wellington you can even take a full-time, escorted country village Heaven Greytown route. Enjoy nice shop-shops, lunches, wines and cheeses while the entire transportation is done. There' s a genuine grocery store over Greytown.

New Zealand's biggest press, which produces and sells award-winning oils from all over the area. Genuine fruity ice cream from Pine Haven produces markets at the northern end of the city. Accommodation for film maker James Cameron's Food Forest Organics!

Greytown Butcher, the award-winning guy. Woodside Trail leads through one of the most picturesque landscapes of Greytown. Graytown is the oldest city of the Wairarapa and the scene of the first New Zealand Arbor Day. Walk around the city's lovely architecture or take the Heritage Tree Trail? Discover the wonderful Soldiers Memorial Park on Kuratawhiti Street.

It is a great place to linger and enjoy the children's games, playing on the courts, playing pool, playing on the campsite and the Greytown swimming baths are also there! There are 117 linden bushes in the garden, established in 1922 in memory of the 117 municipal troops who lost their lives in the First World War.

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First established on 27 March 1854 under the Small Farms Association Settlement Scheme, Greytown was renamed after Governor Sir George Grey, who ensured that the property was purchased from M?ori She was appointed Municipality in 1878 and District Council of South Wairarapa in 1989.

Arbor Day's first party in New Zealand took place in Greytown on 3 July 1890. The Greytown Beautification Society has done much to keep the ghost going for many years, especially Stella Bull Parc and the garden benches in the parc, which say, "Only God can make a tree".

Greytown Community Board's Forest Advisory Group is working proactively on the conservation of the forest and the historical forest registry is currently being upgraded in cooperation with the Greytown Community Board and the South Wairarapa District Council. During the 1870', when the Public Works Department declared that the Wairarapa Line between Featherston and Masterton would not run through Greytown, the locals succeeded in obtaining permission for a secondary line of the Wairarapa Line in Woodside, which was opened on 14 May 1880.

Greytown was the terminal station of the Wairarapa line for several month before the Woodside to Masterton line was opened, but when it was banned to the secondary line state, it was one of the most quiet rail routes in the state. The Wairarapa Line Woodside Station now serves Greytown customers.

It was part of Greytown's entry for New Zealand's most attractive small city. The Greytown was sold as "The Wairarapa Orchard " when fruits with gardens such as Westhaven and Pinehaven were cultivated in the western part of the city. There are two colleges in Greytown: The Greytown is a state-run elementary class (years 1-8) with 351 pupils from February 2018.

The Kuranui College is a state secundary college (born 9-13) with 439 pupils from February 2018. It was founded in 1960 and replaces the regional grammar colleges in Carterton, Greytown, Featherston and Martinborough. The Greytown Rugby Team, founded in 1877, is one of the oldest in the state. The Greytown Creicket is the second oldest creicket society, founded in 1867, 10 years before the test creicket began.

This was the powerful package of the Wairarapa contest in which all three seniors' team won their contests in the 2005-2006 campaign and almost repeated their performance (two out of three) in 2006-2007. Greytown Cricket Club celebrates its 150th birthday in 2017. More than 30 Greytown sport associations are under the auspices of the Greytown Community Sport and Leisure Society[9], a voluntary organisation.

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