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Dawn at the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns. An overnight dive boat anchored on the reef surrounded by the rising sun. Pictures Fish Images, Pictures Fish Great Barrier Reef. Includes the world's largest collection of coral reefs. Explore Orpheus Island, a remote Great Barrier Reef Island that offers pristine coastlines and a truly unforgettable tropical escape.

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Great Barrier Reef is a group of corals, the biggest in the whole wide open sea, off the Pacific coastline of Queensland, Australia. Excursions to the reef cover almost the entire length of the Queensland Coastline. In general, the further you go further northerly, the faster the journey to the reef is, as it is near ing the coastline near Cape Tribulation.

A general itinerary for the large operator provides for an early start a few hour later from a barge or canyon where they have acquired permissions, usually a luncheon is available (or included) and a returning to the harbor in the latter afternoons. This type of excursion is available (at least) from the continental seaside cities of Cape Tribulation, Ports Douglas, Cairns, Townsville, Airlie Beach (Shute Harbour), Mackay, Gladstone and 1770 (from Northeast to South).

For more information, see the travel guide, as not all excursions are conducted daily from every location. In Queensland there are many small archipelagos off the Queensland coastline. There are many that offer daily excursions, accommodations or both and a variety of accommodations. But not all the offshore islets are on the reef.

There are some of them are continent reefs, others reefs. There are some of the continent's main island with some not. There are some archipelagos swarming with sea creatures, others have little. Usually the non-reef islets do a kind of daily excursion to the reef by canoe.

Several of these excursions, especially in the Whitsundays, can be picked up from the shore before being picked up from one or two of them to serve day trippers from the island to the shore, coastline to island and coastline and islands to the reef. Usually in these cases the price is comparable to what you would be paying from the shore.

However there are some archipelagos (typically the Prime Islands) that have their own travel and these can be much more expensive. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The reef can be reached from many places. From Cairns, but also from Airlie Beach, Cooktown, Port Douglas, Mission Beach, Townsville & Yeppoon.

The Mike Ball Expeditions [5] is offering 3, 4 and 7 overnight tours to the Great Barrier Reef, which includes the Ribbon Reefs and Osprey Reefs in the Coral Sea. Canoe Whitsundays [6] is a reef cruise on Queensland's, a reef jetty on Sydney's reef. This sturdy Reef piton has an aquatic compartment, a glass bottom vessel, diving instructor and a huge water slide.

Greater Barrier Reef liveaboard diving. A wide variety of diving safaris on the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. You can find Great Barrier Reef excursions from the Whitsunday Islands here. Cairn' s diving adventure[7]. An extensive listing of all vessels that depart from Cairns to the reef and island, with information on children's activity, the reef for non-swimmers and a top-tip area.

In Cairns, Oceans Free[8] is a travel agency that brings people to Green Island and Upolu Cay every day. Sail and Dive New Horizon[10] P.O. Box 5957, Cairns, Qld 4870, ? +61-7-4055-6130 ([email protected], fax: +61-7-4055-6315). The New Horizon Sail and Dive runs two classical sailboats, Santa Maria and Coral Sea Dreaming, to the Great Barrier Reef.

These allow you to see the reef in a smaller, more private way with a max. of ten (10) people per cruise. From $380 per passenger for a two days dive safari and from $540 for a three days dive safari. The Esplanade, Cairns, Qld 4870, ? +61-7-4041-1635 ([e-mail protected], fax: +61-7-4041-1638).

The Cairns Tour Advice & Booking Center has been working on the Cairns Esplanade for over 12 years and helps to arrange Day Reef Tours and Aboard Dive Trips for certified divers. Cairns Great Barrier Reef Tours ranges from $86 to $230. Townsville, QLD 4810, Sir Leslie Thiess Drive, Townsville, ? +61-7-4771-3855 ([email protected], fax: +61-7-4771-3955).

Drink your own snorkelling gear and enjoy a delicious breakfast and dinner menu. Snorkelling and snorkelling are also available. The Cairns Dive Centre[13] provides a variety of daily excursions and life on board activities to fit every budge. The Calypso Adventures Great Barrier Reef excursion to the horseshoe like Eddy Reef.

The Quicksilver Travel Agents have a number of Reef Adventure Excursions in Cairns. A Quicksilver reef/dive journeys eco-tourism certified enterprise has been active in the tropics for many years. GBR Great Barrier Reef Helicopters provides the best sightseeing in the region. Fallla Reef Trips[17] is offering one-day cruises on a historical wood-bead tug to the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns.

The majority of travelers are learning to scuba in Townsville, Cairns or Port Douglas: all have a very competitively priced diving business. The majority of our divers choose a two-day swimming and diving course, followed by a two or three days diving at the reef in Cairns. It is possible to study with some of the divers who are travelling to the Coral Sea, but first verify the difficulties of their diving spots.

Shore dives costs about $500, dives include safari from about $700. Cairns and Port Douglas divers offer some reef outings. This trip takes about 2 hrs and costs $170-$200. The majority of our owners make three full week safaris to the coral cliffs just south of Cairns, beginning at around $500 for 3 dives and 2 overnight stays on the yacht, food inclusive.

Snorkellers can go on these excursions at discounted fares, but first test the snorkelling skills of their dive spots. More serious scuba diving enthusiasts generally favour the five or seven days diving safaris that visit the Coral Sea in the Noth. The majority of boating tours, especially diving safaris, can be up to 40% less expensive if they are reserved at the last minute at stand-by tariff.

The majority of scuba diver reports, however, that they are able to find at least one stand-by voyage if they try. Diving agencies can also give you advice. Several of the archipelago have a reef and you can go diving or snorkelling from the water. South of Townsville is mainly known for the Yongala shipwreck, which is seen on liveaboard and daily trips from Townsville, Ayr and Magnetic Island.

Since the ground in this area has no other characteristics, it is a haven for marine life and corals. As the site is not protected, however, many journeys have to be canceled in adverse climatic circumstances. Shellfish on the Great Barrier Reef Island and surrounding coasts are delectable. Refills are also available in fishing and crispshops.

Onboard reef excursions are selling booze. The reef islets almost always have at least one pub, mostly in the center of insularity. The reef is dangerous, from stonefish to sharks, from sea snakes to jellyfish. There are many reef excursions throughout the year and injury from one of these causes on the reef is seldom.

Usually they are not found in shallow waters or above corals, and most snorkeling on the reef without stingers. However, the use of a neoprene suit (available on all diving boats) gives you extra lift and spine resistance. They do not reside active in the oceans, their main habitats are in mouths just off Rockhampton, and they can use the oceans as a means of transportation between rivers and islets.

It' very seldom that they walk on the reef.

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