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The Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort, Port Douglas, Queensland. The Lizard Island Resort, Lizard Island, Queensland. The Bedarra Island Resort, Bedarra Island, Queensland. Located on the beach, the Palm Cove Resort is just a few steps from Palm Cove Beach and Coral Sea. Surrounded by tropical palm trees and deserted sandy beaches, the ultra-exclusive Lizard Island Resort is located directly on the world-famous Great Barrier Reef.

Top 10 Great Barrier Reef Hotels of 2018 (with rates starting at £18)

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Accommodation at the Great Barrier Reef - 8 great places to live

These are the best holidays at the Great Barrier Reef, from luxurious resorts to rather reserved accommodations that are oriented towards the rich flora and fauna. Be it a treehouse overlooking the wilderness of the Daintree Rainforest, the world-famous luxuries of Hamilton Island's Qalia, or a reef retreat in a reef located in the reef's native reserve, you'll have an unforgettable holiday on the Great Barrier Reef.

The 255-room Shangri-La Cairns lodging, right on the marina of Cairns, allows you to raise a seat on your terrace and watch over the Great Barrier Reef. Located on Four Mile Beach, the Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort has been popular since the 1980s with the Great Barrier Reef at the front and the abundant rain forest at the back.

In 2012, a $20 million renovation upgraded the estate for a new breed of people who enjoy stepping out of the tropics outside their five-star room and going straight to the water. Feast des Mirage is a characteristic open-air Mirage barbeque with local cuisine.

Thala has recently been appointed a member of National Geographic's Unique Lodges of the World and provides an everlasting eco-experience. Just a few minutes by car from Cairns International Airports, Thala Beach Nature Reserve has a number of cottages - and a large central structure - that have been designed to fit into the nearby wood.

Kuku Yalanji will help you to adapt to the surrounding countryside with the help of accompanied hiking tours and information events for the population. You will help the visitors to get to know the history and ancestors. The Lizard Island is located in a more than 1000 hectare large Nationalpark and has the Great Barrier Reef on its front door.

Recreational activities include picnic at sundown on one of the resort's 20 or so secluded sandy beach, relaxing at the Essential Day Spa or tasting the latest fresh fish and shellfish menus at the Salt Water Restaurante. Bedarra's secluded natural beauties make it one of the best places to stay on a luxurious reef islet.

The Bedarra has only nine mansions concealed in a 45 hectare large rain forest and equipped with en-suite dive ponds, huge observation platforms facing the sea and swimming baths and outdoors. It has everything you can possibly wish for on site, but also organizes charter cruises to take visitors to the reef for snorkeling or scuba divers.

Situated between the Daintree Forest's tops, this luxurious tropical jungle complex lies on the tranquil Mossman river and its position makes it simple to see both the reef and Daintree National Park. The rooms at Silky Oaks and Daintree Treehouse have a wooden ceiling, a walk-in raindrop and private balconies overlooking the city.

Visitors can also enjoy the luxuriant tropic environment of the Healing Waters Spa, which uses native clay, flower and essence plants for its cures. Probably the most famous luxurious spa on the Great Barrier Reef, qualitia is pristine bare-footed deluxe on the north tip of Hamilton Isl. The Hamilton Islands resorts in the southern part of the islands offer a variety of accommodations, from Palm Bungalows to the beach club, an adult fashion residence with 57 rooms right on the sands.

It is a relaxed seaside retreat on the Great Barrier Reef with fantastic beaches. A number of rooms are located in the middle of the island's rain forest, while others, such as the independent Strand House, provide en-suite facilities for use. It' a 100% escape sensation, so the place is proud of its shortage of TV and cell phones.

The whole amusement here comes from nature, from reef dives to tortoise adventures and observing the astonishing variety of seabirds. It is the eco-tourism destination with a research centre on the isle.

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