Great Barrier Reef Island Resorts Map

Map of Great Barrier Reef Island Resorts

Lodging map for the Island Resorts of Queensland. This is Fitzroy Island Resort, tropical north of Queensland. The island is almost completely covered by the National Park except for a small Island Resort.

White Sunday IslandsA harmonic blend of pleasures.

This is a harmonic blend of pleasures. Whitsundays' 74 islets are the peaks of a coastline located between Townsville and Mackay and about 900 km northern of Brisbane, which was under water at the end of the glacial period. The majority of the island have the designation of a national park, such as the Molle Group, which has vast hiking trails with unrivalled vistas of the nearby isles and the farmland.

Mean temperature ranges from 10°C to 20°C. On the Whitsunday Island everything revolves around relaxation. Allow the soothing power of Mother Earth to take its course and indulge in a soft ocean breezes or a serious indulgence at one of the island resorts' daily spas. The Whitsundays are probably the best place for a vacation on the Queensland coastline.

In the Whitsundays, most of the island resorts have family and couple accommodations and amenities. Children's clubs offering a broad variety of organized children's care and support services so that guests' mothers and children have the opportunity to enjoy some of the adventures at the residence. including resorts with children's clubs:

Hamilton, Hayman, Daydream, Brampton, Club Med Lindeman, South Molle und Long Island Resort. Whitsundays is a great postcards vacation, one of Australia's most tempting travel destination. The Whitsundays on South Molle Island is the ultimate Tropics adventure. On Whitsunday's South Molle Island you can choose from a range of aquatic sports to do.

The South Molle Island Resort provides a 9-hole course with stunning Whitsundays view.

Map of Cairns & Tropical Reef Islands

There are about 900 islets in the Great Barrier Reef. Apparently we can't show them all, so here is a map of the most important of the Cairns and the area. Hinchinbrook Island, one of the southernmost and also the biggest in the system, is almost completely shrouded by the National Park except for a small Island Resort.

One of the most northerly, Lizard Island is home to one of Australia's most prestigious, finest and most privately owned resorts. One of the nearest ports of Cairns, Fitzroy Island is a nature reserve except for a small piece of west side acres.

There are some great snorkeling opportunities on Fitzroy Island, where you can run from the sandy beaches to a beautiful reef. Take a look at our Icelandic Destination page to find out more about the different isles of the Great Barrier Reef. Map of Cairns & Tropical Reef Iceland, 2002 Queensland Tourism.

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