Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef

Discover Great Barrier Reef holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. While the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef can take your breath away, the pressure on your future is real and immediate. Great Barrier Reef is a coral formation, the largest in the world, off the Pacific coast of Queensland, Australia. Are we really going to be remembered as the generation of Australians who could have saved the #GreatBarrierReef, but not? Indigenous Sea Rangers protect the Queensland coast and the Great Barrier Reef.

Great Barrier Reef Guides

Embark on the Great Barrier Reef in stylish aboard Ocean Spirit, a 32 meter long, powerful jet. Diving and snorkelling among tortoises and colorful fishing, lying on decks and enjoying the sunny weather or a cruise on a glass-bottomed cruise. The Michaelmas Cay is home to more than 23 sea birds and is one of the most important protected areas on the Great Barrier Reef.

Make the ideal romantical gift for a beloved person by fly over the world-famous Heart Reef-wonder. The sightseeing tour is just one of the Air Whitsunday and GSL Aviation routes, with the Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island as well. Take a trip to the famed Agincourt Reef, a jewel-like reef on the fringes of the Great Barrier Reef.

Snorkeling, diving and hiking in an aquatic environment full of colours and brilliancy can be done from the roomy activities area. It' difficult to surpass the romanticism of cruising the Whitsunday Islands. Sunsail, swimming, snorkeling and diving at protected anchorage sites such as Blue Pearl, Butterfly and Hook Island coves.

Hike through the whitewhite quartz sand of Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday lsland. On Hinchinbrook Island's east shore, an unspoilt coastal tropic haven between Townsville and Cairns, the four-day 32-kilometre Thorsborne trail leads through cloud-clad hills, jungle-like rainforests and unspoilt shores. Reserve a pre-approval - especially for a stopover at one of the seven campsites accessible from the trailer - and then take a boat or boat trip to the islands from the major cities of Cardwell or Lucinda.

Only 20 minutes by boat from Townsville, Magnetic Iceland provides a relaxing Caribbean way of life, 23 deserted sandy shores, pristine natural beauty, rich fauna and simple entry to the Great Barrier Reef. One of the main attractions of the isle is its kala populations, which live in the wilderness and in the tops of the trees both in the parks and in the populated parts of the isle.

Use the Fort Walks to get to the best places to see them and take in the 360 degree view. Fence into the artificial reef on Daydream Island and manually nourish the babies lovely sting rays. Daydreams 2650 square meter large Living Reef accommodates more than 140 kinds of sea-fishes and 83 kinds of corals.

Snorkell right on the shore or go diving 20 diving spots just a few min by the Heron Island cruisel. It' only a 20 minute stroll around Heron and you can watch both sunrise and sunset over the sea. Airlie is a lively seaside resort with palm-fringed sandy areas, aquatic centres and outdoor eating places.

Queensland's hot tropic weather means that winter at Airlie Beach is very gentle and you can spend the whole year enjoying aquaticactivity. If you look at the Great Barrier Reef from this overwhelming angle, you will take home the right and life-long memento. Parachute into one of the most scenic fall areas in the worid and have the greatest reef fun there is.

Per Cairns' three-day diving safari and snorkeling tour is perfect for the adventurous. Tailor-made diving boats take you to 16 unique diving spots and a wide range of sea surroundings for scuba and snorkelers. There are direct connections to Cairns Airport, Hamilton Island or Proserpine (on the Whitsunday Coast) or Townsville on the continent.

For many Whitsundays resort islands, the gate city is Airlie Beach, a 25-minute airport Proserpineuttle.

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