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Genuine pictures and insider tips about neighborhoods, delicious restaurants, entertainment and unique sights in Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. A supermarket in Great Barrier Island. It is a great central location in Great Barrier Island. Cosy and clean room and perfect location in the main area of Great Barrier Island with beach and local shops. Near the stores Claris Store and Stonewall Store carry the most food.

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Great Barrier Island

Helpful information for the first visitors to Great Barrier Island. Packages........ The island has no mains grid, so there are no street lamps and because the local people use the solar and solar energies, there is sometimes only restricted access to electricity. There''s no bank or ATM on the island.

The majority of shops and suppliers accepts payment and/or EFTPOST OS and, according to the season, you can usually use your EFPOS account to withdraw money. All of the streets on the Great Barrier are curvy, small, often unsheathed and have no midline. People visiting the Great Barrier Island are often astonished that there is no means of transportation.

You will find shuttles and transfers all over the island. In the hectic summers, the need for hire cars can be greater than the available capacities, so you should make a good and early booking. One of the greatest risks for Great Barrier Island is fire. Please call the Great Barrier Island Service Centre on 09 429 0258 for information on approval.

The Great Barrier Island is free of opossums, ermines, weasel and brown weasel. The island has no hypermarkets, but the general shops offer a good selection of groceries such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products and loaf. Claris, Whagaparapara and Port Fitzroy also have similar dealers. Filling stations are located at Mulberry Grove Store, Claris, Whagaparapara Wharf and Port Fitzroy Wharf.

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Uploading in the Tip Stop Shop

The next trip to Great Barrier Island, don't miss a good deal at the Aotea Community Upcycle Centre in Claris, lovingly referred to by the local people as the Tip Stop Store. It is a JV between the Auckland Council and the AoteaOra Community Trust. Works of art, sculpture and handicrafts made from recyclable materials will be on show and on offer during the year.

They also sell works of art, sculpture and handicrafts made of recyclable materials. Ten Gray Road, Claris. Opening hours:

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