Great Barrier Island Reviews

Great Barrier Island Reviews

Free and paid Great Barrier Island experiences show. Retrospect Aotea Lodge, Great Barrier Island - Retrospect Aotea Lodge, Tryphena, New Zealand

It' s aim is to leave the town and to remain in a peaceful and nice place. It is a very good place, it is like a seaside home, it was constructed for the holidays. There' s a cuisine in the flat so you don't have to be worried about going out all the while as there aren't many there.

So happy we remained there, because this is the best position you can find on the island. Thanks for your kind criticism. Yes, the chalet has a great position - near the sea and other facilities, but at the same peculiarly peaceful and home. It' been nice meeting you, and it was a true joy to have you here.

Auckland Region, New Zealand, Great Barrier Island

Everyone who works on an i-SITE is a need-to-know specialist for their hometown. In this way you will be able to enjoy the latest and best that the city has to boast! In many cases, the work of our visitors' centers is only occasional. The opening times differ and you can't always count on them being open, but if they are, you have very localized information.

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The Great Barrier Island, also known as Aotea, is with about 1,100 inhabitants the biggest in the Golf and is predominantly agrarian. It is very beloved by windsurfers - especially at Awana Beach and the people swell up in summers when the crowds of boats move in the many coves. A favourite bathing and recreation area, Motuihe Island was a POW encampment and the setting for a bold getaway during the First World War:

Earl Felix von Luckner, known as the sea devil, commanded the commandant's ship and reached the Kermadec Islands before being reconquered.

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