Great Barrier Island Population

population of Great Barrier Island

The Great Barrier Island has less than one percent of Auckland's population. During the summer months the island attracts many visitors and the population increases significantly during this time. The Great Barrier is an important area for M?ori. The Pateke population trends and the effects of predator control, Great Barrier Island by John Ogden.

The Awana, Kaitoke and Medlands carry a large part of the Pateke population of the island.

Living here Aotea / Large Barrier Island

There' s a way for the island to catch you. The heartbeats of the sea, but also the barrier tide, the warm-hearted but loyal natives and the seasonally recurrent activities that make the barrier truly special. The barrier is a place for many individuals to flee the stresses and pressure of urban living, to withdraw from overpopulation.

It' a way to interact with the outdoors. The fact that they are not connected to the mains is helping the local people to generate their own sun or windpower. People of 939 (2013 census) are closely linked, willing to help each other when help is needed.

More than 30% of the population are volunteers in golf clubs, local marae, rural fire brigades, children's football or adult network, St. John's Church, rural women or art galleries. Take your free and easy way to shop, because there you will always find those you can get to. Aotea / Great Barrier Island has a long tradition.

Its origins date back to the very first occupation of New Zealand by the eastern Polynesian forefathers of today's Maori population. In 1769 he called the island Great Barrier after the conservation it offered to Hauraki Gulf. Since the 1840' the island's indigenous nature has been attracting Europe's settlements. Progeny of the early settlers of Europe still reside on Great Barrier Island.

The Great Barrier is the biggest island off New Zealand's North Island. This barrier will decelerate you whether you like it or not. Tight streets (keep to your right, don't go over 50 km/h and don't leave the car waving to passers-by), the soft speed of your journey and the many adventure that awaits you will help you to keep up the tempo - it's simple to just go and have it!

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