Great Barrier Island Hot Pools

Large Barrier Island Hot Pools

Formerly widespread on the North Island, the breeding colonies of these large, trench-breeding seabirds are now limited to the Great Barrier Island Aotea and Hauturu / Little Barrier Island. Aotea is the main colony on Great Barrier Island, hatching every year between October and May on the slopes of Mt Hobson (Hirakimata). Hot Springs are on the right, signposted and there are several parking lots. From the parking lot it is a leisurely walk of one hour to the hot pools.

Visit Kaitoke Hot Springs - Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

In fairness, it rained from time to time when we got there. In addition, the changing'spring weather' of Great Barrier had cancelled out the plan of the past few weeks, so we weren't in the best of moods. It turned out that we were not the only ones who had been frustrated with kaitoke, as a pair we had talked to at breakfasts had also said they were frustrated.

They seem to have expected more from the much-vaunted hot water wells. So, here's our suggestion, if you've just come to the Great Barrier Island and are looking for something to do, at least at the beginning, don't mention Kaitoke Hot Springs. It' s a good idea. It would be much better to spend your leisure hours discovering the many lovely eastern shores of the island, canoeing along the western coastline or taking in the panorama from one of the many peaks.

However, if the wheather changes and you have to stay inside, Kaitoke is a good choice. True enjoyment is to explore the creek, which gets more interesting the further you go up the river from the break. Even if we would not classify the hot pools of Kaitoke as " Great Barrier must do" ourselves, a trip is worthwhile if you have some spare times and have nowhere else to go.

Simply adjust your expectation and be ready for a little voyage of discovery along the creek and you can just have some enjoyment. Did you visit Kaitoke Hot Springs on Great Barrier Island?

The Kaitoke Hot Springs Course

The Kaitoke Hot Springs Track is a favourite light hike along the Kaitoke Swamp to the hot sulphur sources. On the Peach Tree Track to Mt Hobson (Hirakimata). Whangaparapara Road is the start of a shallow and simple trip to the wells. It is very pleasant for prams. It follows an old shore line that crosses the Kaitoke wetland and regenerates the forests of k?nuka

Orchid and sundew bloom near the route. Forty five mins later, the course arrives at the hot pools, jammed at a bifurcation in Kaitoke Creek and encircled by the tender parasol-farn. There is a hot to lukewarm water basin all year round, further up the river there are separated cliff basins for those who like it a little warmer.

Reception rooms in front of the well.

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