Great Barrier Island Fishing Spots

Fishing on Great Barrier Island

A hydrographic map covers Great Barrier Island and Arid Island. A hydrographic map covers Great Barrier Island and Arid Island. Advisor for this chart is Brett Rathe, skipper of Assassin, a very successful charter boat operating from Sandspit Harbour in Kawau Bay. So we met in Tryphena and went to a fishing spot in the southwest of the island. We' ll put you on the snapper spots or the Kingi pins to get your dream fish.

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The Great Barrier Island, the gem in the top of the Hauraki Gulf. Are you sure fishing is as good as they say? The Wave Dancer, Sandspit owner/operator Peter Bourke, leads us through his thoughts on fishing the barrier. live baits and embroidery baits effectively in bait fish activities. Taste Soft Baits in the underwear. The fishing at the edges of the reefs between 40m and 50m can be prolific.

There are a large number of climbs around the 100m line behind Arid Island stopping off at Happuka and kingfishers. Though strongly caught, it is a large area, so the hunt with a high value sonar usually finds them. Slower jig and live bait on the ground work when fishing is present. It' a very stony ground, so bait is probably too costly.

Soft bait dragfishing on a 10m line will produce good fishing in spring and fall. Much like Katherine Bays, with good soft bait fishing to have. Anchorage approx. 20m at the west end of the cove and discharge into the ocean also effectively. Sensible catching on the magical 30m line on the north side - try baits and soft baits.

Lots of possibilities for fishing with the anchors down and lots of berleys. Softbait washing is also worthwhile. One of the best places on the Great Barrier to catch your eye. Search for the action and catch it. Slower jigging heads and Kabura are as efficient as socks.

Soft baiting on the 20-meter line seems to be the most efficient.

Angling spots: Great Barrier Island

Hydrographic map covering Great Barrier Island and Arid Island. The advisor for this map is Brett Rathe, a highly prosperous yacht charterer from Assassin, which operates from Sandspit Harbour in Kawau Bay. 21 fishing spots with recommanded positions, fishing tackle, baits, fishing tackle, fishing tackle and best fishing techniques.

Plus 20 extra fishing spots. The map contains an overview of the area' s boating platforms and the locations of campsites, restrooms and petrol pump facilities.

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