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Search Wotif for Great Barrier Island vacation packages & offers. Offers and Packages | Hamilton Island Offers Hamilton Island's packages provide comfort, exquisite amenities and great value for money when you plan a trip, enjoy a meal or take in some of the region's most stunning sights. Things you will like about our package deals: If you are looking for an eventful vacation, a helipad over the Whitsundays or the Great Barrier Reef or just a relaxing trip, our tourist staff has put together a choice of package offers for you.

Great Barrier Reef Holidays | Offers & Holiday Packages for the Reef in 2018

One of the world's greatest miracles of nature, the Great Barrier Marine Park is a UNESCO declared part of the UNESCO heritage and draws tens of millions of visitors each year. For the tourist there are several hundred accommodations on the continent and a large selection of travel agencies offering daily excursions, snorkeling adventure and scuba dive excursions on the island's canals.

There is also a great selection of Great Barrier Reef vacation packages that combine air, accommodation, transfer, touring, resorts coupons and much more to help you make the right choice. These packages can be customized to your needs or there are a number of packages to select from.

Great Barrier Reef Holidays - Savings at Great Barrier Reef Packages

Great Barrier Reef is home to several hundred tropic isles, thousand of gold sandy shores and a rich ness of sea creatures, surrounded by clear, calm waters and a bright sky. World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef because of the richness of sea creatures that make the area home.

The abundance of corals protects a wide variety of marine life including tropics including stingrays, dugong, turtles, shellfish and anomalies. It is a must to see the Great Barrier reef from below - the Great Barrier Reef offers the most amazing experience for scuba and snorkelling. Throughout the area is sheltered by the Great Barrier Marine Park but still feel the effects of the tourist, so make sure you make your contribution when making visits and all off-shore tours respectful of the wonderful world.

From the Capricorn Coast and past the tip of Cape York, there are literally a hundred places from which to explore the area. While the Whitsunday Islands and Cairns are important areas, Port Douglas, Mission Beach and Airlie Beach are well-loved. Whether you' re spending your holidays on the sandy beach or relaxing in a luxury residence, there's definitely something for every pocket that won't give you a good excuse to say no to a vacation in this idyllic part of Queensland.

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