Google Earth Ufo Crash

 Google Earth Ufo Crash

Has a UFO crashed in Antarctica? UFOs have always been the fascinating topic. Classified UFO crash site discovered in Google Earth images of Antarctica. UFO possibly crashed discovered in Antarctica: Extraterrestrial hunters immediately jumped on the opportunity, convinced that they see a UFO landing in the ice.

The' UFO crash' on Google Earth is actually a natural phenomenon.

This picture has become the object of ferocious speculations after it was featured in a YouTube plot theoretical on YouTube. Released by secure team10 and with over 760,000 viewpoints at the moment of posting (no, we won't be linking to it), the movie says that the picture in a Google Earth movie is proof of a UFO crash.

This image shows a snow-covered, hilly islet off the Antarctic coastline in the Atlantic Ocean, South Georgia lsland, where a boulder of something seems to have slipped over the ice, left its mark. "Tyler Glockner suspected that something seems to have fallen onto the snowed-in area underneath.

And he also said the target could be a U-boat hidden in the mud. However, if you zooming out to see the whole view, the path actually takes you back to a summit at the bottom of which there is a huge amount of troubled snows. The most likely explanations, according to Keele University expert Richard Waller, are not extraterrestrials or a strangely driven sub, but rather Earth is simply Earth.

"A part of a pendant crevass seems to have crumbled, you can see the rubble at the bottom of the hill, and this could be a large piece of rock that has traveled further as a result. "This trail shows that it glides over a snow-covered crecier before it calms down."

Over the past few years, the SecureTeam10 conduit has caused much critical acclaim even in plot theories for doing bad research and making sensational "hoax" video to take advantage of YouTube view.

Google Earth UFO Spotted On: Have aliens crashed in Antarctica?

One of the mysteries of Google Earth is apparently a UFO that went down in Antarctica, according to a YouTube tunnel of space fighters. A UFO crash or a natural phenomenon? At first glance, the mystical Antarctic property with an approximate length of 63 metres certainly looks un-natural. Its slender form and almost perfectly symmetric track of over 3,000 ft of ice make it clear why extraterrestrial fighters think it was an extraterrestrial spaceship that plunged into the South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic.

"This seems to be some kind of solid long or cigar-shaped thing that came to a standstill at some point - and we don't know when - in the snow," said the presenters of a YouTube movie that had been posted by the SecureTeam10 conduit. Isn' t the subject really an extraterrestrial spacecraft, and is this evidence of extraterrestrial existence once again being hushed up?

If you enter the co-ordinates on the Google Earth website to see an enlarged picture of the subject, it seems that the path bequeathed by the alleged UFO will lead back to a hill with a considerable amount of troubled snows at its base. Keele University geographer Richard Waller thinks that the building is the product of a huge fire that hit the near hill and reflects the explanation given by several people on the SecureTeam10 film.

"A part of a pendant crevass seems to have crumbled, you can see the rubble of anvalanches at the bottom of the hill, and this could be a large piece of rock that has traveled further as a result," Waller noted. It is not the first widespread UFO survey in Antarctica this year.

This award goes to a UFO in Mexico, which was discovered in mid-January when a female took pictures of a curiously formed subject floating upright. Unlike the alleged UFO of Antarctica, which can be described by different scientists, the type of UFO is not known. The UFO specialist Pedro Ramirez attributes the recent rise in the number of aliens sighting to NASA and SpaceX launch.

Extraterrestrials are watching Earth because they are worried about our activities, Ramirez said.

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