Going to Maui

On the way to Maui

The Maui and the rest of the Hawaiian Islands are known for having rainbows every day of the year. Yes, we also love to go to Maui, without plans beyond Mai Tais and beach time. However, try to take some time to explore, because there is so much more to see. Discover Sarah Matteson's forum "We're Going to Maui: Go where, do what?

All you need to know for a visit to Maui, Hawaii

West Maui from my room at Wailea Marriott. In Maui, Hawaii, here are some useful hints to help you make the most of your journey. Irrespective of how hot it is on Maui, there is a good possibility that it will freeze at the top.

The Maui is the last of Hawaii' s islands where pineapples are grown. When you don't think you can buy Maui because of the hotel costs, you should look at the rental of a condominium. I was there staying in a Sunny Maui Condos. Kayak, SUP (Stand up Paddle Board), snorkel, take a sundowner, Atlantis submarine diving or whatever you choose, make sure you get out on the sands.

Legend, our great travel leader and owner/operator of the hawaiian sailing canoe adventure company. I had never had a Mai Tai before I went to Maui. Since leaving Maui, I have asked for one in various places and have always been extremly disillusioned. You' ve got to try one in Maui. It's amazing.

Go for a tour. Maui' s most favourite trip is the Hana-river. Hana Motorway is 52 mile long and consists of 620 bends and runs over 59 overpasses. There was no way I could get on the Hana Strait while I was there, but hopefully one day I will be able to return to do just that.

However, the trip I was allowed to make was "the trip around West Maui". There is only one street around West Maui without another way to get where you need to go. There are two motorways connecting, the Honoapiilani Highway leads around the bottom of West Maui, which joins the Kahekili Highway at the top.

Kahekili part of the street is known to be very hazardous and most folks only recommend driving it to local drivers. You should be cautioned that many auto rentals do not suggest you take this street and if something should go wrong, they might not take it to their insurer. Sometimes the street is so small with a rock face on one side and a big gradient on the other that there is hardly any room for a single vehicle, let alone two.

I had to back up a few places on this small street to let other vehicles go that had right of way. The BEST on the PLANET. In Maui, it is sold on the roadside with pineapple.

When you take the Kahekili motorway, you will see light blue plates for the BEST Bananenbrot on the roadmap. I need you to stop here and buy the Bananabread. It' been awesome, and I'm fairly sure it' the best pancake in the world. Julia is the best Banan ba- n roll onLANET.

It was a small little tree house like a cabin at the roadside in West Maui, which was bought to me by this one. You ever been to Maui? The Maui Visitors Bureau organized my journey to Maui. They never asked me to devour many Mai Tais for research or become a pineapple/banana test.

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