Giant Head Statues Easter Island

Huge head statues Easter Island

Nearly immediately I discovered a colossal stone head lying face down in the grass. Have the Easter Island statues been walking? Do you like rocking and rolling?

According to two scholars, the huge statues of Easter Island were "walked" to their sites. This amazing statement comes from archeologists Terry Hunt of the University of Hawaii and Carl Lipo of California State University Long Beach, who showed how only 18 persons could move a 5-ton sculpture with a few cables and doings.

The 887 giant warheads that are currently on the 63 square metre stretch in the Pacific Ocean have been proposed by a number of aliens like the bestselling writer Erich von Daniken from Switzerland. Instead, it is connected to Polynesia by contemporary scientific research - but how these nations were able to move their minds from the quarries over kilometres of islands of rock remains a puzzle.

Hunt and Lipo showed how it works in tests carried out last year and financed by the National Geographic Society. Featuring three powerful cables and a little exercise, the magazin reports, so many folks can manoeuvre a 10-foot, 5-ton "moai" reply a few hundred inches. Their bold stomachs were crucial for this flexibility, so the reasoning that helps them to keep up the swing while they were swung from one side to the other over a cord around the statue's head.

Although the actual statues were potentially moving for mileage, the demo shows that rocking and rolling techniques could be the solution. She' s the island's informal spokesperson who has been documentation of Easter Island for many years. First, Van Tilburg recorded the statues of the island and those brought to the museum; there are 887 catalogued, though she says the number is nearer to 1,000.

In the past, other groups have been digging, and scavengers have also found their way to the isolated island. ls the rock'n'roll calculation true? This last sculpture was made sometime in the 18th century, and the discussion will certainly go on - as will the island's fascinating history and secrets.

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