Getting to great Barrier Island from Auckland

From Auckland to the Great Barrier Island

A family passport requires all family members to travel together in both directions. Locate activities and accommodation on Great Barrier Island/Aotea. Map, opening hours, parking and services at the Great Barrier Island Service Centre. Please contact us.

Auckland' s Great Barrier Island (not the Great Barrier Reef)

Auckland' s biggest Hauraki Golf Island is the Great Barrier Island, also known as Aotea, the island of the blank clouds or the radiant skys. If I get telemarketing phone conversations that sell vacations at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, I tell them: "We have our own Great Barrier Island. In 2010, Great Barrier Island is at the top of National Geographic's 2010 coast targets:

The island is situated northeast of Auckland on the outskirts of Hauraki Gulf Marine Park, New Zealand's National Park of the Sea, and can be accessed by a 4 hours boat trip or a half hours by air. In the course of the years I have enjoyed going to the island and roaming the 621 meter high Mount Hobson, also known as Hirakimata, and to visit other parts of the island.

The island has no opossums, ermines or ferret, which means that the wood is largely unspoiled despite the few leftovers. It is a wonderful island, with serrated verdant hills like the tropical Polyynesian Isles and giant ?the Only endemically for New Zealand (in two species) and the most southern tree in the hemisphere, which grows up to 44° C. The island is the only one in the Americas.

Also, although practical for Auckland, Great Barrier Island / Aotea does not have a net-like current, so you have to tackle it a little rougher. The island, known as the barrier, has a miner's past and is interspersed with abandoned mine shafts. New Zealand nature protection largely focuses on the fight against imported parasites.

An example, an estimate of 70 million people of the imported Aussie brushed tails possoum type, the Trichosurian ?are-'the little fox with the bristle tail', which makes it seem like ?-?are thought to eat 21,000 tons of New Zealand shrubs per day (bristle tails possoum are nocturnal). The history behind these facts and numbers can be found in the New Zealand Department of Conservation's A Pest of Plague Proportions.

The brush-tail possoum in New Zealand feeds on all kinds of plants and also feeds on balls and youngsters. It also feeds on rat, ferret and ermine. In addition, brush tail opossums are spreading illnesses such as cow TB, which endanger the farmers. Thus, the established Ppossumart has few boyfriends in New Zealand.

Being so insulated, the brush tail possum never made it to land and that makes Great Barrier a unique place. At the other side there are gnawers, as almost everywhere in New Zealand. Currently it is planned to destroy all rodenticide pest on the near island of Rakitu or Arid Island with the help of bread facoum, so that the island can again be inhabited by indigenous endemic breeds, which have naturally developed in the natural state in the presence of ground-living cattle.

From Harataonga Beach, Rakitu or Arid Island. Some of the most famous places on the island are on a picturesque path, the Aotea Track. Among them are the Hirakimata Summit, and Windy Canyon, a Lord of the Rings location, I went part of the Aotea track with my girlfriend Rose and her associate Daniel in January 2015.

Hirakimata summit, from where you have a breathtaking 360-degree view of the island. On a section of the route leading from Whangaparapara Road to Hirakimata there are also free of charge hour pools: the Kaitoke hour-spots. There was a day when Rose and I trampled the tram line in the centre of the former bus line island - a to find a shapely bathroom with warm waters dug into the rocks by a victorian gentlemen at a place named Peach Tree hot springs.

In a New York newspaper report of December 2014 (' The big kill: New Zealand's crash to rid itself fammals'), which I found on the Mt Heale, I found that it was indeed to a large degree about turning on the annihilators. A recent report in Rebecca Macfie's New Zealand Listener,' Natural Born Killers', November 26, 2016, makes it clear, however, that many of New Zealand's imported carnivores are experiencing a booming and rearing season; if they are not contaminated, they will die of hunger after they have eaten as much of the indigenous shrubs and fauna as possible.

The Great Barrier Island has been partially rid of parasites such as possum from its tree and is only now recovering after all the work the volunteer has done to eradicate the parasites. A further non-payable Rebecca Macfie paper in the December 3, 2016 New Zealand Listener, entitled "Saving our species", follows such long-term resolutions.

Port Fitzroy, on the west bank of the island, is home to the government's activities and a privately owned nature reserve known as Glenfern, created by the deceased Auckland sailor Tony Bouzaid. In 2015, when I was in Port Fitzroy, I walked to the village limits of the Aotea Track.

As it turned out, I couldn't trample any further because of wind damaged winds that had flushed away the run! They were very sorry because they had expanded all the routes on Great Barrier Island for tourists in 2014, and the morning the secretary came to open them, a great tempest came through the area and ruined much of the work.

But the course and the cabins were reopened in 2016, so that they can now get back on their feet. The Aotea Conservation Park on the island was established by the New Zealand government in 2015. Aotea Conservation Park advisory committee (ACPAC) is now working to make the Aotea Tracks a Great Park, which would give them the same standing as the Milford and Routeburn Tracks.

I' ve been on the barrier for the New Year 2017 / 2018, and I'm happy to say it's better than ever. Several of the pictures in this diary are from my last journey. It' also been great to see new artworks from the whole social network. So I went to a trade show in Claris, the small town near the island's international airports, which was organized to collect funds for the Aotea Family Support Group Charitable Trust.

Claris had a New Zealand championship. I' ve overlooked the Great FitzRoy Mussel Fest and the FitzRoy Family Festival in Port Fitzroy. Finally, Aucklanders have long admired the starlit sky of the barrier, traversed by clearly observable migration satellite and traversed by meteorites.

The small populations, the absence of power and hardly any street lamps help to keep the sky as black as a bush, even if the island is not so outlying. By 2017 Great Barrier Island was named by the International Dark Sky Association (ISDA) as the designated dark sky sanctuary, encouraging astronomical people.

IDA Dark Sky Reserves include one at Lake Tekapo in New Zealand, but only three Dark Sky Sanctuaries, astronomic viewpoints that are even more untouched. These three Dark Sky Sanctuaries are located on Cosmic Campground in New Mexico, in Elqui Valley in the north of Chile and now also on Great Barrier Island.

Summers are usually the season to go to Great Barrier, because Poohutukawa flowers are everywhere and blooming at Christmas. Local people are hoping that the Dark Sky Sanctuary's state will also raise the level of tourist activity in wintry regions, as the night is longer in this area. This constellation is most clearly seen in the middle of the year and is easier to see from the global warming point of the world than from the north. The night is longer in the sunset in the south during this season.

One of the advantages of Great Barrier as Dark Sky Sanctuary is that it is, as National Geographic says, only 55 Leagues (90 km) from the metropolis of Auckland.

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