Getting to Easter Island

Arrival to Easter Island

Ostersinsel with Meilen | Rolf Potts' Vagabonding Blogs By 2012, it only took 40,000 British Airways mileage ( "avios") to get from the USA to Easter Island and back. An Easter Island roundtrip ticket for only 40,000 mile. British Airways provided unrestricted stops for reward travel. Obviously, my man and I took the opportunity to travel from the USA to Chile to meet both Valporaiso and Santiago before we flew to Easter Island for almost a whole weekend and then on to Peru to conclude with a stop in Machu Picchu.

It' been an unbelievable journey. The Easter Island has a mystical atmosphere, which floats around the place like bright grey nebulae, uncanny and at the same timelessly beauty. However, if I ever want to incorporate Easter Island into my journeys again, I would need a completely different one. The way the regulations have changed: British Airways modified its programme a few years ago in such a way that its awards are no longer based on zone but on distances.

At the time we made our journey, Easter Island was such a good value because it was part of the same fare range as Chile, although it was a little further away. Instead, the premium cost of a ticketing will increase as the removal is increased. According to the new fare system, you always charge per route segment.

A new stop thus marks a new stage and your prize adds up to its sum. In some cases this is not the case, which you can find in Drews Mail about stopping over to rescue avios. However, generally the addition of a stop increases the gap and therefore the cost.

Airline miles programmes now also cover Easter Island in a price range other than Chile, although it is on Chile. American Airlines, for example, regards it as part of the same price range as the South Pacific Islands as New Zealand. It makes more geographic sense, but for anyone who hopes to be cheaper on Easter Island, it's crap!

I suggest Easter Island: Although part of our motivations to visit Easter Island had to do with the fact that it only cost 20,000 leagues, I still suggest that we visit it at least once. The Easter Island is unbelievably enigmatic and unlike any other island I have been to.

This is how the mystical Moai sculptures are described, covering entire squares and looking inwards with empty, unspoken faces. In contrast to Fiji or the Cook Islands or Phi Phi Phi Island, it is not necessarily the scenery that attracts visitors. Arriving on Easter Island once, it is not difficult to get there on a reasonable price.

You need transport to see the various Moai locations, but rent a vehicle is sensible (somewhere around $20 for the day) and the island is actually small enough to rent a bicycle when the wheather is fine. Accommodation is available in both accommodation and inexpensive campsites with the best weatherproof equipment I have ever seen.

75,000 British Airways Avios is the latest estimate for a round-trip from North America to Easter. I used Wandr. me's Avios calculator for this estimate.

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