Getting from Kauai to Oahu

Arrival from Kauai to Oahu

When you fly through Honolulu to get to Kauai, this is an easy option. Failing this, you can book a round trip from Kauai to Oahu. In spite of the fun waiting for you when you reach your surf destination, it can be a problem to get there. I' m going to stay in Oahu, but I want to visit Kauai for at least a day or two. The journey to Koloa is tantamount to visiting different areas in Kauai.

Kauai to Oahu Excursions - Kauai Forum

I' m going to Hawaii for two weeks (our first visit there) and I'm not sure if I should stay a few nights in Oahu and the rest of the year in Kauai, or all the way in Kauai. The primary reason for going to Oahu is to see Pearl Harbor and Waikiki Beach... can we do this in a full moon voyage by going to Oahu in the mornings ( (8 a.m.) and return at 7 or 8 at night or is it too much to wrap in one full moon & too little case on Oahu?

We spent 2 days at Waikiki Beach, had a rented vehicle and made the outing. Though we didn't sunbathe, we did some buying at Pearl Harbor, went to the North Shore and observed the North Shore pipeliners, I was in the 50-60s.

Wai Ki-kis was great to go, much neater than I thought. We' ve seen a great deal and then we went on to Maui. We are in Kauai and we shoot there for the third times on the 27th on the same monthly for a weeks and then go to Maui for 3 days and the date of our departures we will be leaving Maui early and going to Honolulu for the days when the airplane is a belated depart, as most of us go home to the continent.

The Kauai is the place in the yard and relaxes, but 2 week is a long period there unless you really want shelter. For the first one we walked for 10 consecutive era, 7 era feather 2 linear unit from Lihue and point to Princeville on the geological formation for 3 dark, which was achiever. From the first morning we learnt when it rained and the weather was outside, it was different from one side to the other.

I' m really relaxing on Kauai while Maui is Go-Go-Go. You better win some of my chatter. On Oahu in July we spend two nights, five in Kauai and seven on the big isle. Kauai was our favorite while the boy was enjoying the big isle. We rode Oahua around the Oahua as usual.

The old Hackmanian town is not open on Sunday, so we didn't, but Pearl Harbor arrived later at 8:30-9:00, but we got through the line and were lucky enough to have good numbers and get out early. Not as much at Dole Plantation (we didn't make as much labyrinth as the younger boy did before, but we did the hike.

We' ve chosen to stay 3 overnight stays on Oahu and either 10 or 11 on Kauai. While we like to hike and snorkel, the'kids' (in the 20s) want to try surfing/boogie boarding - hopefully we have no problem enjoying this stay on Kauai.... we also enjoy'less traveled' areas and thought we would avoid Maui and the big island as we will be there for Christmas.... but Oahu is a'must' for Pearl Harbor, Waikiki and Diamond Head.

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