Getaway Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island

Take part in the Norfolk Island Getaway Footprint Workshop. The Norfolk Island is the perfect destination for ladies to travel safely together. Isle, Norfolk, island, flag, fingerprint #isle, #Norfolk, #isle, #flag, #fingerprint. Your Quilters Getaway gives you the opportunity to discover the natural beauty and convict heritage of Norfolk Island. The Cumberland Resort & Spa is the place to be if you are planning the ultimate holiday in Norfolk Island.

Getaway is a group of Australian and New Zealand based craftsmen who have been working with quilting and patchwork in a number of courses that provide students with a variety of fabrics and designs-based crafts.

Getaway is a group of Australian and New Zealand based craftsmen who have been working with quilts and patchworks in a number of courses that provide a variety of fabrics and designer crafts. SALE-OUT - The Quilter Getaway 2018 is fully book. Together with the island's scenic surroundings, the environment is ideal for inspiring pupils and teachers to create exhibits and new quilt topics and quilt styles.

There is a non-refundable down payment of $200 per guest due on reservation confirmations. Modifications are possible until the date before the start of the journey, but only within 7 nights after the originally reserved date of journey. Changes, updates and name changes are NOT allowed within 24 hrs before take-off.

Cancellations are valid within 90 nights before departure. Up to 100% cancellations may be made within 60 working nights of the trip. In some cases, we strongly advise you to take out cover against unexpected cancellations.

A quilting getaway that far surpasses expectations .....

We' re very happy to announce the detail of the Norfolk Island Quilter Getaway 2018, which will take place from 29 October to 2 November 2018. Quilt Norfolk's quiting-getaway excels with many quilting-events all over Australia. By 2018, tutors Amanda Daly, Caroline Sharkey and Andrea Taylor will be teaching various skills, designs and tapes.

The interest was already very high and reservations were made, so the weeks developed into a great quilt vacation. After you have selected your accomodation and made a $200 down payment, you can sit back and relax when you know that your place in the getaway is secured. Over the past few years, a number of non-quilting couples also like to find a vacation lot to do while quilt making is on.

Inquire with Kelly for non-quilter bookings if a great vacation with your friends is what you're looking for.

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