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There are some of the best gay beaches in the world, especially in Spain, Greece and Portugal. Looking for the hottest LGBT & gay-friendly beach destinations this year? When you are in Sitges and want to get a tan while making new friends, we recommend one of the gay beaches we have in Sitges. The beaches of Manuel Antonio, including the gay beaches of Playa Espadilla, Playa Playitas and other beaches of Manuel Antonio. While I wanted to make a detailed report about all the beaches around the island, I thought about it better.

Which of our 5 favorite gay and lesbian beach in Europe have you been to before?

Which of our 5 favorite gay and lesbian beach in Europe have you been to before? We are fortunate in Europe to have some of the best gay and lesbian resorts in the whole word right on our doorsteps, and in London we have a variety of cheap transportation for them.

With Ryanair, the Eurostar or the National Express, we like the GoEuro application because it's an easy way to compare and book a train, bus or flight across Europe so you can maximize your research opportunities. When it comes to gay shores, Spain is at the top, Portugal and Greece are not too far behind.

These are our 5 most popular gay beach in Europe, which we totally adore and where we will probably show our latest tachos next year. Eivissa is like nowhere else. It is a very beautiful archipelago, with some of the most popular gay and lesbian resorts in the whole wide underworld.

The beach of Es Cavallet is situated at the south end of Ibiza, where all gay guys spend the time. In order to get there, take the coach from Ibiza capital, then go about 20 min through a small forrest. Of course, the beach is breathtaking and has its own sailing area between the busty sand dune.

It' an official naturist beach, so he pulls out the exhibitionist in their number. The main beach of Es Cavallet is in July and August, when it is full of gay people. It' s very sweet, with lovely, picturesque alleys, lovely sandy areas, many pubs, boutiques and many more. Here are many gay and gay beach that feel like a runway for gay beachwear.

Playa de la Bassa Rodona, near the Hotel Calipolis, is the most frequented. Visiting hours are in February for the Gay Carnival, June for Zitges Pride, July/August is high summers and in September for Bearsitzweek. Mykonos is the third gay beach on the ritual of passing for any good gay in Greece, especially the gay beach in the southern part of the island:

Elijah, paradise and super paradise. The beach of Elijah, however, is still the most beloved of the gays, with a pride in it. The second secluded beach, Beyond Elijah Beach, is very much loved by naturists. July/August is the best time of the year, the XLSIOR Gay Festival takes place at the end of August/beginning of September.

For us gay Europeans Gran Canaria is a favourite excursion all year. The Canary Islands are located off the African coastline and guarantee almost 365 good weathers. In Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles in the south of the isle there is a huge gay area.

A little further down on, the island's big gay beach, at Kiosk #7. In order to get to the gay beach of Gran Canaria, leave from the Riu Hotel in Playa del Ingles, then drive into the sanddunes and follow the path of the gay guys for about 20 mins. You will arrive at the other end at the rainy paradise.

For more information, please refer to our gay travel guidebook to Gran Canaria. The big attraction in Lisbon in the summers, however, is the iconic Beach 19. Strand 19, or Praia de Bela Vista, is a protected area on the Caparica coast, about 12 km southwards of Lisbon. From a historical point of view, Strand 19 was a renowned cruise site for closed gay people, but since then it has developed into one of the best gay beach in Europe and also for noodists.

You can get to beach 19 by public transport to railway 19 (after which the beach is named!), as well as by rented cars, taxis and buses. What is your favorite gay beach in Europe?

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