Garden Isle


Includes two Cape Cod/Beach theme houses, a rental house and a single room loft. The Garden Isle Bath and Body LLC. isle isle guest cottages is located in Coupeville. Visit the "Garden Island" and discover breathtaking waterfalls, relaxing beaches and much more. The new Garden Isle Off The Shoulder Top does justice to its namesake in this beautiful olive and ivory Paisley print!

Who we are, Garden Isle Hotels, Isle of Wight

Situated on the magnificent Isle of Wight, each of our properties has been chosen with care to give you the rest you desire. This is our family Isle of Wight Story so far......... Ken Wells and his deceased spouse Lyn took over the Melville Hall Hotel in Sandown on the Isle of Wight in January 1986.

Now Ken is in retirement, the guesthouses are successfully run by his daugther Clare and his boy Steven. He began working in Melville Hall at a young age, as a helper in the classroom during the summer break, then as a waitress before finally becoming a hotelmanager. Now Steven works alongside Clare, who runs the group.

One of Ken's 10 grandkids also worked for several years at the Melville Hall welcome desk. Along with Clare and Steven, Ken is pleased that some of his former employees from 1986 - or something similar - are still working for him.

Rehabilitation & Healthcare Garden Island

The Garden Isle Re-education & Healthcare Center, situated on the Wilcox Memorial Hospital premises, is a 109-bed care institution that offers a range of temporary and long-term care facilities. The professional rehab staff offers assessment and management of neurologic and orthopaedic diseases with a multidisciplinary integrated view.

This includes dismissal plans, education of relatives and supervisors, and evaluations to ensure a secure home commute. Our restorative health and beauty programme also ensures that the inhabitants are kept at the highest standards. Registred and licenced female and male medical staff provides 24-hour supervision. Included in the service are drug administration, nutrition and health assessment as well as special nutrition advice.

Every inhabitant is evaluated by an inter-disciplinary group and a nursing schedule is drawn up. There is a doctor's supervisor, nursing staff, welfare workers, physiotherapists, activity coordinators and dieticians. Customers are supervised for changes in conditions and the nursing schedules are changed on the basis of periodic, continuous evaluations. Inspiring and useful counselling and relaxation measures are provided every morning for both the inhabitants and the attendees of the event.

Further specialised treatments comprise extended dressings, diabetic treatment, infusion treatment, enteric feeding and analgesic treatment. Family can take a necessary rest from their caring responsibilities by taking full profit of our last-minute opportunities. People who come to us can get help with their medicines, help with daily life activity (ADL's - food, bath, dress, nurse, toilets) and personal nursing auxiliaries.

To create a nourishing and supporting atmosphere, we work with hospital suppliers so that the inhabitants can comfortably enjoy their last few nights.

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