Garden Island Taveuni

Taveuni Garden Island

About Dive Center Garden Island Resort, Taveuni, Fiji. The Taveuni is known as the "Garden Island of Fiji", seven kilometres from Vanua Levu. You can book the Garden Island Resort with Expedia now and save! The Garden Island Resort has been enlarged by our bona fide expert and has a lot to say about it. If you stay at the Garden Island Resort in Taveuni Island East, you are on the beach and comfortable to Wairiki Catholic Mission Church.

World-class diving and holiday resort in Taveuni, Fiji Islands

The Nadi International Airport is situated on the Viti Levu island and has an inland airport to facilitate transfer to the remote isles. Nausori International Airport, on the eastern side of the island, is 30 min from Suva, the Fiji metropolis and commercial centre. Nederlandse Air Pacific's Dolomesic Airlines Pacific Sun operates several times a day from Nadi and Suva to Taveuni and ferry services from Suva and Savusavu to Taveuni.

An advance of 3 days per room must be paid within 2 week after reservation confirm. The remaining amount is due 4 week before your departure. If canceled more than 4 week before your stay, 50% of the advance will be returned. Cancellation 3 wks - one months before arrival: 50%.

Cancellation within 3 week before your arrival: 100%. We had a great time, the whole rescue and diving crew was great. Our employees were very aware of your needs and wishes. Dinner, resorts and assistants were great.

World-class soft dive in Taveuni, Fiji

Twenty stunning diving spots are close by, between 10 and 20 min from our diving centre and we have three 30 foot boats to take you to the famed dives. With our highly skilled staff and in-depth water expertise, we choose the best diving spots according to current and meteorological condition to make sure every single one of your dives is an unforgettable experience.

Prices are per capita and includes a 2-bottle diving, lead, belt, bottles, guides, towels as well as refreshment. Taveuni's Great-Weisse Mauer is the best diving site in Taveuni. Most of the walls are coated with coral, but in fact they are mostly lavenders, sprayed in the colors oranges, reds and greens.

While drifting through the walls, take a second to look down and see it vanish into the darkness.

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