Garden Island Resort Taveuni

Taveuni Resort Garden Island

Rainbow Reef package deal at Garden Island Resort, Taveuni Fiji for Early Birds. It is a beautiful resort and would be recommended to anyone who lives in Taveuni. Founder of CHI International and owner of Garden Island Resort, the Morais family has decades of history with Fiji and Taveuni Island. It is our fifth stay at the award-winning Garden Island Resort. Co-located Garden Island Resort meeting room information, facilities and amenities.

Diving and diving safari packages

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Great place, great people! - Rewiew Garden Island Resort, Taveuni Island

There is a cosy pillow/bed, a luxury bath, a beautiful room panorama and tasty cuisine. I had a great time at the Garden Island Resort. Also the employees were kind and supportive. A novice scuba diver, thank you for the great experience with your very supportive instructor, who made my scubaing next to them very pleasant.

Fiji Taveuni Garden Island

The Taveuni is the most beautyful and varied of the 333 Fiji-Archipels. Known as Fiji Garden Island for its lush lava soils, majestic falls, thick woods and unparalleled bird life and flora not found anywhere else in the world. About a third of the island is part of Fiji's biggest natural reserve; the Bouma World Heritage and the Lavena Coast Natural Walks, which the US Ambassador to Fiji has described as "the most astonishing natural hike I have ever done".

The Taveuni is one of the few places in the whole wide globe (together with Rabi Island and Siberia) that are located on the 180 degrees meridian, the point where one becomes the next one. The Taveuni is encircled by wonderful, hot, tropical, clear water with astonishing coral and sea livelihood.

Also known as the global capitol of hard corals, it has been one of the top ten diving sites in the entire diving industry for over 20 years. The Taveuni was recently one of the first kite destinations to be explored. There is no question that we have the best kite spot in Fiji and no masses of people!

Romanticism is very much a part of Taveuni. When you are looking for the ideal place for your marriage, your holiday, your jubilee or a unique opportunity to spark the fire of romanticism, a journey to Taveuni will burn your relationships! Starry sky without polluted lights that cloud their splendour, remote privately owned sands that will inspire you to enjoy the countryside, the ocean and each other's souls.

Getting distracted will appear a million leagues away and you will be feeling nearer to each other than ever before. The Taveuni is also the ideal place for holidays for families. The island also has many different types of fun for the whole of your whole life, from nature trails, snorkelling, kayaking, cruising and kitesurfing to nature trekking, hiking and visiting villages, your whole life will never be the same.

That' s why the best fashion boutiques in the whole wide globe are here..... Visit us to find your own calm, tranquillity and a feeling of a place that vibrates with it. The " Garden Island " offers everything the local inhabitants need for a happier and content life with the world's friendliest of them.

Step out and decelerate, relax and try to enjoy the island's way of life even for a while.

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