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The city of Gap is the place where Provence meets the Southern Alps. Explore Gap, France with the help of your friends. All you need to know about the property market and prices in Gap, houses for sale and for rent in the department of Hautes Alpes, Southeast France. Gap Outdoor Activities: Find your next adventure in Gap. Gap is a French city in the southeast of France.

Top 15 Activities in Gap (France)

The town of Gap is the place where Provence comes up against the Southern Alps. 3,000-metre high summits disappear into the sky in the backdrop, but on the Gap roads with their pastel-coloured buildings and fairs you have a feeling of being near the Mediterranean. Though there are attractions and musea in the town, much of the local charm is in what you can do nearby.

Summits, streams, lakes and forests provide more activity than you can package in one itinerary. It is the information center for Ecrins National Park, just south of Gap. The Alpine Botanical Conservatory in the stalls protects and documents the flora in the mountain and organises specially supervised hikes to find unusual flora.

We continue to the Briançon cemetery, a gravestone in lettering in white granite with masterly woodcarvings from the turn of the 20th c... Younger but also essential is the giant Mausolée de François de Bonne de Lesdiguières, shaped in the seventeenth centuary by Jacob Richier in a very naturalist look in monochrome granite, which reaches a total of more than four m high.

While browsing the Rue de France stores, look for a sticker above one of the entrances. In 17-19 Rue de France is the former Auberge Marchand, and although it looks good, this ochre-coloured building does not seem too important until one learns the small part it has been playing in one of the most important episodes of France's annals.

The reason why he took this detour through Gap was that, unlike the cities in the Rhone valley, this town was more faithful to him than to the royal family of France. A neo-Gothic substitute was erected in place of the town' s mediaeval church, which collapsed in the nineteenth centuary and was completed in 1904.

When you come closer to the outer wall, you will see that they are polychromatic, with circles of whitish, rose and gray lime. You can visit this deserted mountain hamlet just south of Gap for an unforgettable walk. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Chaudun had more than 100 residents, but its remoteness and barren environment finally compelled its residents to resell their lands to the state in 1891.

It is located in Place Jean Marcellin, along the streets Carnot, de France and Elysée. There are alpineomme cheeses that are rather hard, with a hazelnut, fungal taste. Gap gets a good blanket of white sand in cold weather, but you have to go a little bit to get to a typical ski area.

However, only ten inches from the Centre-Ville is a snow-covered active area with more than 50 km of cross-country-tracks. The" Center d'Oxygenation" provides you with the necessary skiing-accessories. Glide with the help of a chart on this huge platform watched over by the huge Chaillol and Gleize summits to give you inspiration.

And if you can't help yourself to the reputation of these hills, we provide you with a range of tours on these unknown trails. Although you have to go to one of the Southern Alps skiing areas, it won't take you long to get to them. Dévoluy, for example, which is also the most comfortable to gap, has 60 km of 100 km of tracks.

60, and the many sun-drenched descents and magnificent view of the southern Alpine summits from the top of the Resorts are all reasonably priced. However, if you are traveling with kids, this "Accrobranche" course must be on your schedule for a few seconds outside the town. You will know why when you get there, because the center is located on the high hillsides of the Colline de Saint Mens, and has the most beautiful view of Gap and its summits.

Fortunately, there is a subsidiary of Eau Vive Passion Rue Cyprien Chaix in the town, which organizes all kinds of fluvial weirdness. It has nine shores around this sea, which lies in a jar mountain range, and many naturist centers that rent paddle boards, canoes and rowing boats. Visit the Place Jean Marcellin Tourism Board to get tickets and walking guide for the eight walks that start right in the centre of town and meander into the snow.

They range from an easy walk through the Alpine woods to a challenging 3,000-metre climb up a hill for cattle. The Falaise de Ceüze is only a few kilometers away from the town. On the eponymous hill, this is one of Europe's best climbs.

It has a length of more than four kilometers, most of them sunbathing during the daytime.

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