Gambier Island Ferry

Ferry Gambier Island

A pedestrian ferry service runs from Langdale ferry terminal to Keats Island and nearby Gambier Island and a water taxi service from Gibsons and Horseshoe Bay. A far-away view of Gambier Island. Shelby Island; Horseshoe Bay; Sunset Marina;

Bowyer Island; Gambier Island; Keats Island. The plan includes a statement that they only support access to passenger ferries. Langdale Ferry House.

Longdale to Gambier Island & Keats Island

Triangularly signposted excursions: The Stormaway meets Route 3 (Horseshoe Bay-Langdale). Travels with 2 asterisk ** are only possible on enquiry. At least 1h before departure, please call on the departure date and send a text or voicemail with your name, your number, your travelling hours and your pick-up city.

Please note: Due to the complex nature of our summers flight plans, Stormaway III / IV cannot delay passenger car park, baggage pickup or delayed arrival. We kindly ask you to arrange your arrival accordingly.

Gibson's Ferry, Gambier Island, Bowen Island & Howe Sound Bible Camp

Gambé Island is in Howe Sound just off Bowen Island on the eastern shore of the island, about 15 km from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. The biggest island in the Howe Sound area, Gambier Island can be seen from Sea to Sky Hwy 99, Lions Bay or near Gibsons at Langdale and Port Mellon.

In order to go to Gambier Island, you must take a personal ferry, a sea taxis or the BC Ferries ferry. Ferry from BC Ferries Langdale to the small New Brighton area. You can take a Gambier or Mercury Launch & Tug from Gibsons for the Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver all year round to take a Gambier Wassertrip.

On the southwest coast of Gambier Island in Thornbrough Bay, New Brighton is the most important gathering place for the island's inhabitants, especially with the Gambier Community Centre there. In addition to New Brighton, there are also the smaller settlements Gambier Harbour and Western Bay. Gambier Island Store & Diner is the only open shop on the island and is in New Brighton, close to the ferry's dock.

You can buy small articles in the shop, which includes some staple foods and has a small café. Call the Gambier Island Shop & Diner for different opening times (604) 886-3838, year-round. Though Gambier Island is very near the major municipalities of Bowen Island, West Vancouver, Gibsons and Squamish, it is a separate universe.

Gambier Island is a beautiful, peaceful location away from the car and is great for boat trips, walks or just to camp and watch the star. Gambier Island's unpaved road is great for quad cycling, small dirtbikes, MTB or just trekking.

Ensure you get an up-to-date maps, following the instructions for the locals' trails, avoiding personal ownership, respecting the inhabitants of Gambier Island, be ready and hiking, hiking or cycling with caution as there may be unexpected hazards. To enjoy a wonderful panoramic look at Howe Sound and the scenery around, especially the'Sea to Sky' Hwy Korridor, take a stroll up to the summit of Mount Artaban.

As part of Gambier Island's first conservation area, there are walks from Camp Fircom or Halkett Bay Marine Park to Mount Artaban. Gambé Island is also a great place to go if you have any kind of yacht. There are three different coves on the southern side, known as West, Centre and Port Graves.

With winds generally pouring out of Howe Sound just south of Squamish, these separate coves offer much of shelter for your vessel because of the way they face the South. A number of yachting associations have recognised this and set up a number of berths in the island's coastline.

One of the most famous, Centre Bay Yacht Station was first bought in 1962 by the businessmen Frank Griffith and Alexandra Island, which is owned by the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. When you plan to use a personal yacht from'Sea to Sky', there are a number of Marina's along Hwy 99 Sewell's Marina located in Horseshoe Bay, Sunset Marina, Lions Bay Marina and Thunderbird Marina near Eagle Harbour in West Vancouver.

Gibson's landing operations include Hyak Marine Services, Gibson's Landing Harbour Authority and Gibson's Marina & Chandlery and Snug Cove on Bowen Island, Bowen Island Marina. If you are just passing by and are looking for a place to stay, Douglas Bay and Brigade Bay have a walk-in wildlife campsite.

A number of Gambier Island juvenile camp sites help to lead others through Jesus' help, relationships and Bible teaching. The Fircom camp is situated on the eastern side near Halkett Bay, while the Artaban camp in Port Graves Bay and Latona Beach Camp on the northern side near Ekins Point.

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