Fullers Ferry Waiheke Island

Fulmer's Ferry Waiheke Island

Fuller's Half-Day Waiheke Island Winetour - Review of Fuller's Ferries, Auckland Central, New Zealand The trip begins with a ferry trip from Auckland Harbor to Waiheke Island. You will find the vans at the jetty for a half-day winetour through three vineyards. Our guides talked about the island lifestyle and the histories of the individual vineyards during the journey between the estates.

We were taken on a stroll up the mound to see the different vineyards and vistas; the first two degustations took place outside on the slope. Cable Bay has contemporary buildings with a beautiful, almost open dining area and a sunbathing area with seating bags for clients; the sampling also involves some cheese and cracker.

Departure ends with the provision of a free coach ticket for your stay on the island, unless you would rather go back to the ferry. In any case, please be sure to tell a friend about this route! From Auckland we drove to Waiheke. It was a fast and simple journey. It was a little breezy that night, but the ride was mostly quiet.

It took no more than 45 min drive from downtown Auckland to Waiheke. and the ferry was clear with lots of room inside and out. I like to see on the way back those who are riding their bicycles on the boat and have even seen a canine. Have you been to Fullers Ferries?

Fuller's Waiheke Island Explorer Tour

The Auckland coast is a legend and recently the island of Waiheke has become increasingly popular. The ferry boat trip combines a ferry trip to this beautiful place with a foretaste of what Waiheke has to show you. In addition to a 1-hour round trip from you will also get an unrestricted coach ride for the remainder of the days.

During the whole trip your guide will speak to you about the island's past and present. You' ll see Waiheke's most breathtaking views of the coast and some of the most prestigious homes on the island. When you have further discovered the island, go back to Auckland.

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