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Whole Easter Island statue

(together with the park entrance) and the whole island lies in front of you to explore it. Dive into the dramatic beauty of Easter Island on this full day tour from Hanga Roa and hike with'mai,' gigantic....

. from Rapanui (the Polynesian language of Easter Island), literally: statue, figure]. Volcanic rocks of Easter Island (Chile) and their use for the moai sculptures. [Picture Gallery: Hiking on Easter Island].

Tattoos Discover Easter Island Statues Astonishes Archeologists

There is much more to the celebrated Easter Island sculptures than you can see at first glance. This is a new set of photos from the 2012 archaeological excavations that capture the point at which archeologists dig up the previously concealed stones and discover a mystery; the rocks were coated with detailled old inkpots.

Between 100 and 1800 A.D. 887 gigantic sculptures are cut, which are up to 10 meters high. The Easter Island Statue Project members have been digging up the sculptures for years and made the first photographs of their torso available in 2012. Surprisingly, a lot of folks thought they only had brains.

"This is because there are about 150 sculptures that have been dug up to the shoulder of a vulcano, and these are the most popular, prettiest and most beautifully shot of all Easter Islands," said Jo Anne Van Tilburg of the Easter Island Statue Project.

During the first excavation of the Mana expedition to Easter Island in 1919, images showed that some full-size sculptures were present. In 1955 the finding was acknowledged by the researcher Thor Heyerdahl when his Norwegian archaeological expedition dug up a statue. In the following centuries the findings were slowly forgot, the archeologists, but not the visitors who began to visit the island in the 1990s.

There is a intriguing story behind Easter Island and the Moai statue that inhabits it. You will discover an island first inhabited by Polynesians who came by boat as part of a large Pacific colonization movement. A lot of things remain unfamiliar about the sculptures - how were they made?

And how could such a secluded island be inhabited? So how were they taken around the island?

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