Fulaga Island Fiji

The Fulaga Island Fiji

Fulaga, one of the southeasternmost islands of the Lau group, was his recommendation. This is not bad for our first dive in Fiji! Our next stop is Fulaga or Komo Island. When my parents were gone, we had to look for a window to get out of Fiji. The Fulaga (pronounced Fulanga) is an island in the extreme southeast of Fiji.

Over the Fulaga Pass (The Southern Lau Group, Fiji)

At Fulaga Island long before the doldrums, but it was so quiet that we resolved to review the passport, hoping it could be quiet enough to try it. Wasn' it; stationary ripples were covering the mountain passes! It was unbelievable that the waters could look so savage in such quiet surroundings.

In the meantime we could look through the mountain passport into the wonderful and strange underworld. There were many shining blues in the waters and the area was dotted with rocky islets. It was important for us to see more, but with such a passport we need to be patient. The next lesson we spend driving back and forth outside the mountain passes, fearfully examining whether the weather had already settled down, and getting a report from our buddies Bob and Linda, who watched their end of the mountain passes from their tip.

It was very swirling, but the sea had leveled out. That means it was to try it; the stationary ripples would come back soon! As we drove in, the waters fell and whirled around us. When I felt secure, I would climb up the tree to have a better view, although I could not see very well into the canal.

When we were meeting our buddies who waited in their tender, they took us past a swimming tank of sodium which was marking a hazardous bomb and told us how to walk around a certain cliffs.

Cruise in the Southern Lau Group, Fiji. An isolated paradise!!

The Team ROAM Sail East against the Trade Wines to the wonderful Southern Lau Group Island of Fulaga, episode 14 shows the astonishing 2 week we had with the best people there. We' re able to take astonishing pictures of the Fulaga Lagoon, enhance our kitesurfing abilities, make a living from the nuts and have an unforgettable Father's Day parishion.

After such a great period of shooting this Fulaga movie that we didn't want to go away, we took some of it (Bale and Alifredi) and hoped to come back next year. Especially in the midst of an astonishing midweek for Holly's birthdays in Beqa (pronounced Nbengga) with Liss's mum and dad then towards Taveuni with a possible stop at the Northern Lau Group next weekend.

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