From Nadi to Yasawa

Nadi to Yasawa

The Yasawa Islands are one of the most beautiful Fiji Islands. Find out about the location of the Yasawa Islands, curiosities and other activities in Fiji. ((NAN-YAS) Book your Nadi (NAN) flight to Yasawa Island (YAS) with our best price guarantee. It is the cheapest and fastest way and probably your best choice if you are not visiting other Yasawa Islands. When you are in Nadi or on another island in the south of Yasawas or Mamanucas, the expensive Yasawa Flyer ferry is the best choice.

Yasawa Fiji Island Resort Connections

Yasawa & Mamanuca Adventures Fiji offers quick boattours to Yasawa & Mamanuca Iceland destinations for travelers on the archipelago. All our experience includes our insular residence links, but you can also make independent insular residence links with us. Yasawa offers the only large ship transport to Yasawa Iceland Estates.

The Yasawa Flyer, our iconic Yasawa Flyer, takes off every day at 8:30am from Port Denarau to jump between the small Mamanuca Islands Resort of South Sea Islands, Beachcomber and Treasure Islands to their magnificent neighbors, the Yasawas. This flyer will stop in the most beautiful canals and coves, pick up visitors and take them to their next piece of paradise.

At the northernmost station is the Blue Lagoon, and from there the flyer goes back southwards and stops again at all eight isles, before it arrives back in Port Denarau at 5:45 pm. Throughout each stop, small motor boat tendering takes place to hit the flyer and bring visitors to/from the resist!

Yasawa Flyer is a large, contemporary high-speed cruiser with air-conditioned seats, a lectern, a licenced lounge, a coffee shop and outside observation platforms. It is the most visited way for the Yasawa Islands. From time to time we also use ships of our affiliate South Sea Cruises.

You have a large and powerful cruise ship chartered for the Fiji Islands. Adventures Fiji tries to make sure that all ships leave on schedule, but the airline cannot be made responsible for lost flight tickets due to delayed arrivals at the Nadi International Airport Check-in Counsel.

A number of resort will be charging a Yasawa flyer to pick you up. Enquire when you book your accomodation or at the travel desk on board the Yasawa flyer. Awesome Adventures Fiji customers (e.g.'Coconut Cruiser','Twin Island Time Out' or'Island Escape') do not have to add any extra charges.

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