From Maui to Kona

Coming from Maui to Kona

From Maui to Kona Coast. The Maui International Airport is served by twelve airlines, including Air Canada, Delta, Island Air, United, Pacific Wings and US Airways. The only way to travel from Maui to Kona, except for cruise ships, is by air. All sorts of information about Hawaiian Airlines flights from Maui to Big Island. The Maui to Kona tickets are the cheapest available for any commercial airline flying this route.

Where to get from Maui to Kona on the big island?

Maui and Kona on the western side of the Great Isle are two of Hawaii's most visited places, and it is no wonder many people want to add both to their holiday plans for Hawaii. The only way to get from Maui to Kona, except for cruisers, is by plane.

Rewards for the low effort of design are to enjoy Hawaii' unique attractions for Maui and Kona, such as the Hana Highway, watch the sun rise from the top of Haleakala Vulcano, snorkel with chestnut ray at nights and taste Kona Cafe on the hillsides where it is made.

As of the date of release, three major airlines - Hawaiian Airlines,'Ohana by Hawaiian and Mokulele Airlines - are operating services from Maui to Kona. Ohana by Hawaiian is a Hawaiian Airlines affiliate that makes reservations for both airlines. There are take-offs from Kahului International and Kapalua airports (OGG), the largest airports on Maui on the northern coastline, and from Kapalua International in the west of Maui.

The flight lands in Kona at Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport in Keahole (KOA), about eight kilometers due to the city of Kailua-Kona. There are at least 25 non-stop non-stop connections from Kahului Airport to Kona and a smaller number of one-stop connections to the city. There are at least 14 non-stop departures from Kahului to Kona and three departures from Kapalua Airport to Kona.

Non-stop fligths from Maui to Kona take between 35 and 45 mins. The Kahului International Kahului International Park in Maui is home to a number of large rent avehicles, so if you already have a rented one, you can probably go to the international airports and dropt. Taxi and shuttles, often organised through your hotels or resorts, are other ways to get to Kahului.

Maui Bus, the island's main transport system, also serves the area. The Kapalua International has also local vehicle rentals, and you can also get there by cab or a previously arrangement. When arriving at Kona International Terminal, customers can hire a vehicle from one of several local firms, use a pre-arranged shuttleservice or take a cab.

There is also a shuttle connection to the city of Kailua-Kona via the Big Island Hele-On Coach, although the range of facilities is restricted. Carpooling such as Uber and Lyft is available in Hawaii, but they are not allowed to provide airportcollection and -collectionervices. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Bristol, England.

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