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The Freshwater is a large village and community at the western end of the Isle of Wight, England. Freshwater Habitats Trust is a UK-based charity committed to the conservation of the freshwater world. Receive the fresh water weather forecast. But even in Scotland there has been a dramatic decline in how many of our rivers continue to support freshwater pearl mussels. The Freshwater West is a wonderful, wild place that is popular with surfers, hikers, Hollywood filmmakers and animal lovers alike.

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Fresh water is near precipitous cretaceous rocks. This was the birth place of the German mathematician Robert Hooke and the home of the poet prize winner Alfred Lord Tennyson. The freshwater is known for its geological features and the rocks along the coast that have been formed by hundreds of years of coastosion. 8 ] The neighboring "Hirschfelsen" is called this way because a deer allegedly jumped from the rocks to get away during a game.

The freshwater sandy beaches are very well known. Fresh water provides an outstanding example of a Victorian Coast Victorian Sea survivor The Albion. Albion was constructed around the times when freshwater became famous as a seaside town. Those above the fresh water are called after Tennyson. There is a Kornish Granit Crucifix on Tennyson Down, which was constructed in 1897 in honour of Tennyson, "by the Freshwater family and other English and American family.

" There' s also a mound in the area called'Hooke Hill', after Robert Hooke. The All Saints' church, Freshwater[11] is one of the oldest in the Isle of Wight and was mentioned in the Domesday poll of 1086. 12 ][13][14] Mark Whatson is the minister of all saints, an English church[15] in the English diocese of Portsmouth.

An elementary grammar synagogue connected to the cathedral is close by. In the All Saints' Day Basilica there is a monument in memory of Tennyson in stone. Tennyson's Emily and other members of her household are dead in the graveyard. It is also the site of a monument to Tennyson's boy, Lionel Tennyson, who passed away from male genital mutilation in 1886.

The Dimbola Lodge (foreground, left), with a view of Freshwater Bay, 2006. The Dimbola Lodge, home of Julia Margaret Cameron and today a photo gallery, is located in the Freshwater Bay town. On the west end of Freshwater Bay are the remnants of Fort Redoubt, also known as Fort Freshwater or Freshwater Redoubt, a Palmerston Fort.

In 1855-1856 the Redoubt Castle was constructed to preserve the freshwater bay. An entrance hewn into the rock under the fortress was the principal entrance to the structure from the shore, although most of the steel staircase, which used to provide easy entry, has been shattered by the repetitive effects of tides and rocks.

A view of the fresh water of Tennyson Down, with Solent behind. Robert Hooke (1635-1703) was a famous freshwater native. John Hooke was the pastor of All Saints Church in Freshwater. After Hooke's dad passed away in 1648,[29] Hooke Freshwater went to London to be trained by the portrayer Peter Lely.

Around 1800, the painter George Morland was living in fresh water in a building known as a "cabin". Alfred Lord Tennyson used to live in Farringford House (on the Freshwater-Alum Bay road). From 1853 until the end of his lifetime in 1892, Tennyson was living in Farringford. It was Tennyson who said about Farringford:

After renting Farringford in 1853, Tennyson purchased it in 1856. The pioneer Julia Margaret Cameron spent the years 1860 to 1875 at Dimbola Lodge. Dekyi Tseri, the Dalai Lama's mum, spent six months in the guesthouse of Sir Basil Gould's wife Cecily in fresh water in 1960.

Fresh water was also the birth place of Sir Vivian Ernest Fuchs FRS (February 11, 1908 - November 11, 1999). Every year the Freshwater and Deadland Carnival takes place here. The Farringford House, home of the writer Alfred Lord Tennyson. The Dimbola Lodge, home of Julia Margaret Cameron. Westwight sports center. Golf course Freshwater Bay.

It was Afton Down, the venue of the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. a postwar viktorian fortress and missile area. Fresh water is connected to other parts of the island by Southern Vectis busses on line 7 and line 12, which serve Totland, Yarmouth and Newport as well as inter-towns.

During the summer the open coach "The Needles Tour" and the touristic services "Island Coaster" operate the fresh water bay. 38][39] Fresh water is on the Isle of Wight Coastal Path. Some springs describe fresh water as a city "Archived Copy". and since 1974 every community has had the right to proclaim itself a city, but it is not on the list of cities in England.

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