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France-Polynesia Weather

Best time to travel to French Polynesia, including current weather conditions, temperatures and rainfall. A first question most people ask about French Polynesia is: "What will the weather be like when I get there? A first question most people ask about French Polynesia is: "What will the weather be like when I get there? Cities in French Polynesia are offered live weather, forecasts and averages. It is not a bad time to go to French Polynesia, but some periods are better than others.

Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora - 2018 - 2019

Get to know Teresa, one of our tourism professionals for the Tahitian isles. A certified Tahiti Tourism Specialist, Teresa works with the Tahiti Tourism Board to provide our clients with a wonderful vacation in Tahiti. She has been a consultant for 20 years and specializes in creating and selling tropic island holidays all over the globe, but her real passion is the South Pacific.

She has travelled the South Pacific Islands and is first name based with many of the resorts proprietors. It has been to Fiji 7 once, Tahiti, Australia and New Zealand. "We' had the best man in the world to make our journey. I' m a very consulting and I was up to a certain point suspicious because I had no hand in it.

" "We' ve tried to schedule our Fiji flitter and were so puzzled and overpowered by the number and diversity of Fiji's resort communities. She' s very supportive and knows Fiji and several different resort. Teresa was able to help us make the right choice when we wanted to choose between two resort types, as she provided us with different types of each one.

Thank you again for assisting me in planning my Honeymoon and it was a great time working with you. Can' t say how simple it was to work with you when we looked at different resort and itinerary. Knowing about the island was a great help in choosing our flitter week.

If you are looking for a holiday with your relatives or your girlfriends, I will not hesistate to recommend you. They offered my bride and I an excellent personal courtesy in the preparation of our journey (which we were unfortunately not able to make use of due to unforeseen excesses of the marriage budgets at this time). When my boyfriend Mike said he was going on his Fiji twilight, I said he had to get in touch with you to arrange a journey.

I and my family are still planing to come to Fiji within the next 2 years and I pledge that you will be the first one we will get in touch with for booking and scheduling an itinerary. "Teresa, thank you for your help in organizing your journey to Tahiti. Less than 48 hrs after we left Denver we are now in our seaside cottage in the Sofitel Hotel in the Moorea Atoll.

LAX's Air Tahiti trip was less than 8 hrs and the services were unbelievable; 2 good food and great cuisine. After arriving in Papeete, Tahiti, we had the personal vehicle to the Fährterminal and then a great 30 minute drive by boat to Moorea Atoll. The stay at the Sofitel Hotel...................what can I say: It is French and the services are flawless.

Her proposal to stay our first nights'at the beach' was are photos from our shelter. Luckily we got our chalet around 11 o'clock and went directly into the sea. This is one of our best tours ever (and we've been to 75 countries) " "It's been more than a weeks since we got back, but I just wanted to let you know we had a great trip in Tahiti.

Thanks for organizing our beautiful journey. Teresa, I wanted to thank you for your help on this beautiful journey. Don't think we will return to Bora Bora in the foreseeable near term, but we might need your help for some of our upcoming travels and cruise ships. "We wanted to give you an overview of our Tahiti journey.

Our favourite travel adventure was probably eating sharks and mantas. We' have spent the cash on the travel videotape and it was the most favourite image of every journey we've ever taken home. We also suggest everyone who goes to Bora Bora to take the chance to dine in the Bloody Marys, an excellent place to get the crisp sea food we have been looking for, at a very reasonable price.

But it was a great journey and the kind of rest we needed in this bustling age. Thank you for making a beautiful journey for us! "Teresa, Chris and I are back from our journey, and I just wanted to tell you how much we like it!

It was a wonderful island, and every single resort worked well! The Sofitel Lido was perfectly located, near the seaside restaurant and directly on the sea (#411). When we returned to Moorea, we would probably be staying there again or recommending it to our best friend, because from other folks we meet, it seemed as if there were similar and not necessarily better opportunities.

Intercontinental Bora Bora and Thalasso Spa was a spectacle! I was able to get together with my California buddies who just happen to live at St. Regis Bora Bora. This was a great travel experience! Thank you again for your great support in planning this holiday!

Panoramic view of Mount Otemanu, Bora Bora from the InterContinental Le Moana Resort. Throughout the high seasons in French Polynesia from 1 May to 31 October, although some resort rates will be changed from 1 April. Tahitian distributors - and the resort itself - are very busy with promotions, rebates, extra includes, etc.

Editorial note: A few years ago I went to most of the Tahiti Nui, Moorea and Bora Bora destinations to get a better feeling for the difference between the two. But what I really noticed is how different the places really are. The above-water bungalow looks very, very similar in the photos, and in fact I can see better which place I see from the viewpoint than the look of the shelters.

This is where the hotels really differ: Prospects: On Bora Bora Bora Bora you have a view of the stunning mountain view - but not necessarily every chalet, as there are some chalet hotels on the major isle ( "Otemanu is behind you"), and a chalet retreat on the opposite side of the Mt., westbound, away from "Otemanu".

At Moorea you will usually not get a view of the mountain from your cottage, but on the way back to the water. You' ll be spending a lot of cash on your Tahiti journey, no matter where you are in the area. It would be silly NOT to contact a tourist agency that knows the destinations and the island (and knows all the available specials).

View our full listing of Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora and Tuamoto Atolls itineraries. While Tahiti still gets warmth, successive rainy nights are possible. We can help you if you want to choose where to live in Bora Bora, Moorea, Tahiti Nui, Huahine, Taha'a or the Tuamotu Atolls!

We have over 600 high-resolution photographs, 53 video clips and 27 online tour guides for the 34 destinations there to help you find your favourite one. Tahiti's mean seasonal climate is 80 or 27°C. The climate in Tahiti is very warm. The Tuamotu Atolls and the Marquesas Islands have slightly higher than Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora nearer the Ecuador.

In December and January it rains anually 12 inch a months, but Tahiti gets more sunshine than Hawaii during the same wet time. Tahiti's wet seasons are from November to April. In fact, there are NO hurricanes in Tahiti (or anywhere in the South Pacific). Bungalows above water, bungalows in the summer or bungalows on the sea?

Definitely above-waterbungals give the French Polyynesian Franco over-water experience - the sights, the skill to kick off your own private platform into the Lagoon, monitoring your breakfasts supplied by boat and the fishs below you through the glazed floor in your cottage... these are all pretty marvelous experiences, both of which we suggest you stay at least 1 or 2 overnight in an above-water cottage.

We have been to all the French Polynesian resort and have seen all the different room types, and frankly, the summer and seaside cottages at most of the resort are quite amazing. While the" Horizontal Bungalows" offer stunning vistas, after a few short nights you may get fatigued of going all the way to the end of the boardwalks and back if you want to go to the restaurants, take an outing, etc...

As a rule, the summer and seaside cottages will be less accessible from the resort's major points. Panoramic views from a seaside cottage at Bora Bora Pearl resor. Bora Bora Pearl Estate Gardens Swimmingpool Suite. We often suggest that you divide your stay between the above water balows and the sea or summer-side.

You get some varieties so, and you are saving some of your cash, as usually the yard and beachside cottages are less costly per overnight. It is also important to note that many of the destinations on one of the other isles have" affiliated resorts". It is a good idea to stay a few days in a summer cottage on one of the isles and then a few days in an above-water cottage on another.

Often the Resorts have specific discount if you are staying at two or more of their resorts. In French Polynesia, the sea temp. does not vary any more than the sea temp. It is possible to dive off the coastline of many islets. At Bora Bora you will find an astonishing number of shark in Tapu, the entry to the western side of the Laguna (I have added this site to my Top 10 Buckets in the Go World Travel Guide).

A great, in-depth account of the diving spots on the various isles can be found in David Stanley's Tahiti Guide (now in its seventh edition). It is most widespread in Tahiti and Moorea and on the rise in Huahine. The Billabong Pro Contest is held in Teahupoo, Tahiti, and May is a favourite windsurfing time.

There are some great drones and also under water shots in this Moorea movie collection, kindly provided by Damien Lair. Heiva is a good place to come to during the Tahiti holiday period, given the various events and festivals that take place in July! Heliva has developed over the years from his wealthy past - Tahiti's folk dancing, Ori Tahiti, was once a key part of Polish civilization, but these centuries-old festivals were forbidden by the nineteenth centurys Catholic missions because they were too sensuous and sexy.

However, the celebrations came back in 1881 after the French won over its long battles with England and Lutheran missions; the Polynesians accepted French Bastille Day (14 July; the French counterpart to American Independence Day) and had the chance to resurrect part of its music. In 1956 Ori Tahiti made a major return when a Papeete high School teacher, Madeleine Moua, founded the Heiva Tahiti group, leading the real return of folk music.

Now Ori Tahiti has regained its legitimate, living place in French Polish civilization, and the whole of July is used for Heiva and his celebrations of this story. You can find an existing concept of one or more of the resort (s) you are interested in in the following table.

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