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Polynesia University is a public educational and research institution in Tahiti, offering a unique atmosphere embodying the scientific, technological and cultural development of French Polynesia. The uniRank page contains a complete list of all Polynesian universities, sorted by location (main campus), that meet the following uniRank selection criteria:. Punaauia is a fully-fledged university. Locate researchers and search departments, publications, full texts, contact details and general information about the University of French Polynesia. France-Polynesia colleges and universities through web rank.

Université Français-Polynesia - M?noa International exchange

Tahiti is 6,200 km from California, 5,700 km from Australia, 8,800 km from Tokyo and 17,100 km from the French capital. It is an islet of rich flora and fauna, overshadowed by the summits of Orohena and Aorai. Moorea, its twin islet, which is only 17 km away by a small canal (30 min by boat), offers an easier and more enjoyable landscape for you.

Tahiti has less than 500,000 residents in Polynesia, with most of the country's people living in Tahiti. Polynesia University is a Tahitian educational and research centre, offering a distinctive environment that reflects the academic, technical and educational developments of this area. It has four labs, a joint research group, two federal institutions and a PhD college, all of which help to promote Polynesia's inheritance and Pacific Civilization.

Considering that it is the formal lingua franca of Polynesia, it would probably be advantageous to have at least a basic knowledge of it in order to make the most of the UPF study at university. It is also a basic part of Tahiti's culture, and the country's culture is practised every day and educated at schools.

The UPF notes that it is not necessary to open a Tahiti banking office for a student who stays in Tahiti for a term, but it is necessary to have an ATM and ATM access badge (source: University of Polynesia website).

France-Polynesia University - La France en Nouvelle Zélande

Lecturers' theatre, research laboratories, conference rooms, presentation rooms, computer rooms, a linguistic lab, a 50,000 book archive, 350 magazine subscription cards, videocassettes, DVD (over 1,000 titles), CD-Rom (160) and on-line digital documentations (databases, body text, journals). Polynesia has more than 1800 accounts. France-Polynesia University expects to be incorporated into its surroundings and to contribute to the education of young and adult citizens in the interest of a lasting territorial growth that meets the needs of Polynesia community.

It plays a particularly important part in the use of new communications technology to keep in contact with research centers and global academic institutions, but also to make French Polynesian know-how available from all the isles. Further information on the UFP website under "International" and in the right-hand column of the menu under " Internationale Studierende".

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