French Polynesia Tahiti Holidays

Polynesia French Tahiti Holidays

The main island of French Polynesia, Tahiti is famous for its breathtaking beauty, with mountains, jungles and reefs and a lively but chic island culture. Known officially as French Polynesia, honeymoons, romantics and adventurers alike are attracted to these islands. Tahiti Family Holidays - Tahiti Diving Holiday Packages - Events in French Polynesia - Bestseller Tahiti Holiday Package.

Tahitian Islands Holidays 2018/19

A holiday on the Tahitian Isles guarantees breathtaking tropic landscapes and beautiful shores, coupled with a cordial welcome in the South Pacific. Tahiti's 118 isles extend over an area the scale of Europe. It can be hard to decide on one of the countrys most beautiful spots. The majority of the island have flat pools with wooded hillsides and beautiful sand bays.

Five groups of archipelagoes to discover: Austral, Gambier, Marquesas, Society and Tuamotu Archipelago. Whilst the main metropolis and mainland gate is Papeete, found on the biggest isle, Tahiti. On the Society Isles you can choose between Moorea with its spectacular volcanoes. And Tahiti, where the civilisations of all the archipelago meet.

Visiting this isle and it is hard to understand why it has conquered the heart of travelers for hundreds of years. including Captain James Cook and the French painter Paul Gauguin. No matter which of the islands you choose, a Tahitian vacation is a couples' heaven. Whether for your ideal wedding weekend or the ideal place for a romance.

Located between Los Angeles and Australia, the island is also the perfect stop-off point for your down undertrips. Have a look at all the guided trips and trips on the Tahitian isles. You will find the perfect place to spend your holidays on the Tahitian Isles, from self-catering suites to all-inclusive luxurious resorts.

On Tahiti, the capital of Tahiti, you will discover breathtaking French Polynesia surrounded by palms and pristine coves. Cross aboard a luxury cruising boat and discover some of the paradisiacal isles that make up the Tahitian isles. It' probably the voyage of a lifetime. No.

Paul Gauguin was specially developed for the flat sea of Tahiti and French Polynesia and visits small harbours and paradisiacal shores that bigger boats can't attain. The New Year on the Horizon shows you what top adventures in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific we are recommending for your (travel) pail lists.....

UK nationals do not need a visas to visit the Tahitian Isles if their residence is less than 90 day. Tahiti's archipelago enjoys mild weather all year round. Like most other South Pacific isles, however, they have a rainy and arid time. Drying time means sunshine and comfortable temperature in the high 1920s.

July and August are the most busy vacation seasons, so make sure you reserve your lodging on time if you plan a trip in high time. The temperature becomes more agreeable and the air moisture decreases from April when the rainy seasons come to an end, while the October and November seasons are likeable.

Shoulders offer an excellent mix of sun and heat, even outside main-hours. The rainy seasons on the Tahitian Isles mean high air humidities and temperature with strong rainfalls, especially in the month of December and January. Being the easternmost island in the South Pacific, the Tahiti islets are a good stop-off point when you fly to Australia or New Zealand via LA.

When you visit one (or more) of the island (s) for your honeymoon, you can also make a brief stop in a vibrant Southeast Asia town to interrupt the flight. Tahiti's island airline is Air Tahiti with an amazing airline coverage of 47 of the Tahiti isles. Or, of course, you can go back and forth between the island by ferry, the more attractive way to explore the landscape.

The best way to get around the archipelago is by your own vehicle or roller coaster. There are only local transportation services on the biggest Tahiti isle. Since 1977 we have been designing tailor-made tours to Australasia. Do you need help organizing your perfect vacation in Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific (yes, we also go there)?

We have a widely traveled staff of more than 20 designers here to hear your vacation schedules, find the best offers and tailor a personalized route for you. Complete your trip schedule with all your vacation tips and choices by selecting all the places you want to visit.

A member of our staff will contact you to guide you through your route, and once you are 100% satisfied with your itineraries, just make your down payment and begin to get enthusiastic about your journey. When you have a question before, during or after your vacation, we are always just a phone call away.

Have a nice vacation!

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