French Polynesia Flowers

Franco Polynesia Flowers

Local flowers, a whole history The islands of French Polynesia are a flowery paradise. These high islands are especially filled with beautiful flowers. The flowers are lush and exotic. the South Pacific, but especially in French Polynesia. Search our large gallery of flower pictures in French Polynesia.

French Polynesian flowers

Polynesia is a paradise of flowers. There are many flowers on the high islets. Colourful, just like this tourist attraction in the eye of many travellers, the indigenous vegetation is attractive and fascinating at the same it is. These flowers, whether native or from far away lands, have developed thanks to the climate favourable to their growth.

Once holy to our indigenous forefathers, they are now a powerful icon and an inherent part of the myths of these tiny Tahiti Isles that make the whole earth daydream. Aueti, Tipanier, Bourgainvillea, Birds of Paradise, Ophi and of course the Tyre.... each of them surprises with its appearance and its cute aroma.

Hippopotamus has existed for hundreds of years in Australia and Hawaii. Polynesia has an amazing number of different types and colours, but it is the "red aute" that has been around the longest. It is a brilliant reddish colour, which can be recognised by all thanks to its striking floral leaf.

Tradtionally carried by Polish ladies as decorations for their long locks of coat, the blossom of rose also has many qualities that make it an efficient way to treat your coat and an anti-oxidant for your cut. In Polynesia, the French cherry tree, generally known as Tipanier, is also part of this area. Blossoming all year round, there are also several types with different colours and aroma.

Some of these flowers are here and there is enough to keep a room scented for a long time. Typeanier is often used for the production of bouquets. After all, the Tiaré floral is without doubt the most symbolic of the flowers of the area. What do we really know about this fragrance that will take you on a journey on your own?

It' interesting to know that the name of the Polynesian Tahiti varies according to its degree of maturation. One more astonishing fact, this plant is also used for all types of conventional cures. However, its world-famous application is certainly the renowned Tahiti black tea; this very gentle olive is used for infants from the moment of baby's birthday to nurture the baby's coat, for a gold tanning or to avoid gnaecomas.

A further surprise that makes the visitor laugh is the specific message that the tiaré flowers give, according to how men and woman use them. Wearing two flowers, one on each of your ears, means you are getting wed, but still available. And, lastly, carried backwards, it means that you are immediately available.... In other words, it is a whole tongue of flowers to know!

All in all, the tiaré is the floral icon of Tahiti, and it is a token of welcome. It is certainly the bouquet with which you will be welcomed at the airfield. Each of these flowers has a different appearance, beautiful colours and compelling fragrances that blend in with the ambience of our sun-kissed isles.

Like so many others, these flowers are an inherent part of the Polynesians' everyday life. They are in perfect symbiosis with the surrounding vegetation and are ubiquitous. On all these isles, the parks are often flourishing and the proud of their impassioned ancestors. A lot of the population makes a livelihood by cultivating several hundred crops to cover the high demands for flowers in a hotel or just to make the lovely bunches of flowers that are often found in a market like Papeete.

Flowers are so important on Tahiti and her isles that they are represented in different areas of our area. You can find them in dancing shows, in tradional Tattoo's or through the pattern of polynyesian materials. Real Tibitian gem, the floral environment sublims the vehin (Tahitian woman) every day.

Meetings and festivals are of course even more floral and symbolize this pleasure and the sweeteness of Polynesians' lives. Tahiti's flowers and islets, their colours and fragrances are truly the essence of the Polish state.

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