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Fantastic activities in the heart of French Polynesia. French Top Polynesia Kayak & Canoe Activities: View reviews and photos of kayaking and canoeing in French Polynesia, South Pacific on TripAdvisor. View all the fun activities in French Polynesia. FREE activities at the hotel :

15 main cultural activities

Search the hotel, guesthouse and one-of-a-kind houses and make your reservations on the world's premier accommodationsites. French Polynesia comprises 118 French Polynesian Isles and oceans spread across the Atlantic Sea. Whitewashed sandy shores (and rose and black) line jagged summits of islets, while beautiful sea corals create calm waters that are colored bluish and full of marine life such as schools of fishies, eel, dolphins, stingrays, tortoises and shark.

Tahiti and Bora Bora evoke pictures of hay roof huts that have been constructed over a lake and pairs that stand out against the sundown. However, a large selection of family-run properties and B&Bs offers less flamboyant (and unexpectedly affordable) adventures that involve more of the relaxed atmophere.

Polynesia is located in the South Pacific. Schedule your holidays in French Polynesia and other travel locations, from the countryside to the city and everything in between, with our French Polynesia travel planer.

Polynesia-French Activities and Excursions

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Favourite activities in Bora Bora: A full excursion with picnic: a whole afternoon on the lake with a tasty Polish meal on an island. Snorkeling in bora bora borealis, swimming in unspoilt water, meeting shark, stingray, colourful fish and 13 blues for life-long experiences on this astonishing 26 mile trip!

Comes with a tasty barbecue in your own home on a moto, on your own personal desk. Unwind and indulge your meals overlooking Mont Otemanu. Take at least 150 photos of you together, in the best possible circumstances and in front of the most stunning views of Bora Bora.

Pictures are taken around the islands on our beautiful ship, on a "motu" (lagoon island) of the dreams and even under the sea amidst wonderful colorful fish. It is the holiday of your Honeymoon at a moment entirely devoted to your couples and the Laguna. "The Combo Tour " provides an interesting and entertaining way to explore both the Bora Bora Laguna and its Georgian blank sand isle ("Motu Roa").

At the beginning of your journey you drive to Motu Roa on the southeast side of Bora Bora and have the opportunity to marvel at the wonderful colours of the water. You will be given security instructions by your tour leader before you start the second part of this quest inside the Motu Roa.

Drive your 4x4 through woods, aito bushes and "fara" (Pandanus) orchards, the biggest of which can be found on the moto. Once you have crossed the river you' ll find a wonderful white-shimmering sand and you' ll be able to admire an infinite sea outreach. This is a one-of-a-kind adventure above the most gorgeous lake in the world, you are dreaming with your big ears open!

Unusual sight with its colour symphony and its naval fauna. Amazing contrasts between the crystal clear water of the Laguna, the pure whitefoam of the coral and the deep Pacific Blu. Frequently decorated with blossoms, the kayak bears Polyynesian workers who serve fruit, biscuits and juice, while the nearby water welcomes the sunrise in the South Pacific.

Favourite activities in Tahiti: Visits to the Papenoo Valley, river pool, water falls. You' ll explore the luxuriant flora of the inner Tahiti with its huge fern trees, colorful flora and much more. You' ll see beautiful falls, traverse the river and clean mountains brooks and see archeological places and the Vaihiria Sea.

Take a break for refreshment and a dip in a swimming lake in a pristine alpine swimming pools before taking a trip to the Restaurant La Maroto (not supplied ) with a scenic Papenoo Valley look. On the way you often meet cetaceans from July to October. Delphins are often in the play all year round.

Upon arriving on the Isle, at 9 a.m., you begin to get off in the Tierkreis and explore the Birds' Isle ("motu Manu"). At the end of your stay you will receive an invitation to enjoy a meal with a drink. Other afternoons are dedicated to the free activities characteristic of Polynesia: swim in the clear, hot water, snorkel, take a walk on the sea, relax in the shadow.....

Depart from Tetiaroa at 15.00 and arrive in Papeete around 17.30 Renew your vow in the clear water of the Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora lagoons! Perhaps you are on your twilight getaway in Polynesia or on a relaxing vacation for two....what could be nicer than surprising your sweetheart with a relaxing undersea winter wonderland!

Estimate the memory of your Polynesia vacation together with a personal diving trip. A kaleidoscope of submarine fauna will be discovered and an imposing exhibition of sea creatures will be admired that is one of a kind in Polynesia. Chopper tour: 30 min by plane - In the centre of the isle! Crossing the Isle to Papenoo: the Vale of a Thousandfalls.

Return to the Cape of Venus light house and air photo of Papeete. Here you will find a large diversity of local dishes and deserts in a wide range of colourful rolls or dining cars. Favourite activities in Moorea: In the Moorea Laguna, you' ll find two of the most beautiful coves, Cooks and Opunohu Coves.

You' ll be swimming with rays and shark and enjoy Taiitian lunches on a small magic isle called''the Motu''. A marvellous trip takes about 5 h! Includes: Visits to the two mythical coves of Cooks and Opunohu as well as swimming with shark and ray + Tahiti lunches on a small magic Motu Islands. Discover Moorea Jetski and meet stingray and razor.

You will be introduced to the use of the Jetski and then take the car to the lagoons of Moorean and visit the coves of COOK and Apollo. You will see sea turtle, dolphin (and whale in the July to November season) travelling through these two coves. The highlight is usually when you end the trip with sting rays and blacktip shark (in flat water).....

In the first part of the programme (15 minutes) we will inform you about sea animals (whales, porpoises, dolphins...), their habit, behaviour and anomalies. In the OPUNOHU and COOK'Say valleys, welcome to ATV off-road touring. Visit the Belvedere with its two coves.

Proceed on the walk through the agricultural college to see various orchards and flower plantations. Visiting the pine grove and enjoying the cross of the valleys streams. At the end of the trip you will see one of the most beautiful viewpoints on the island: the Magic Mountain. With this beautiful 360 degree panorama you can see the OPUNOHU cove and the PAPETOAI town.

Lovely Moorea and see sharks (and possibly whales) in the immediate vicinity of the vessel. Meet feral sharks and cetaceans on the most interesting and instructive eco-tour in French Polynesia, headed by the research group of the sea scientist Dr. Michael Poole. Dr. Poole and his research group have been researching cetaceans in French Polynesia since 1987 and have been carrying out dolphin and cetacean observation trips since 1992.

Watch, study and take pictures of aerial dive sites, beautiful cetaceans and the tragic beauties of Moorea. Snorkel in the transparent blue-green Moorea Laguna and unwind. Savour free fruits and juices during the trip. Your main quest on the trip is to find and find a school of dolphin acrobats.

Sometimes we find rough-toothed Dolphin and Minke whale, and from July to November we also see these gorgeous mammals. A side-effect of the trip is the possibility to see the dramatical, beautiful landscape of Moorea from the waters. If you leave the dolphin and the reindeer has enough free rein to do so, we also offer a snorkel stop in the lake.

Free of charge strawberries and orange peel are available during the trip. Dr. Poole's research and his DWWE eco-tour were presented on the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, and everyone agrees that this is the most adventure, information and excitement packed expedition in French Polynesia. Frequently decorated with blossoms, the kayak bears Polyynesian workers who serve refreshingly fruity, pastry and juicy food, while the nearby seas welcome the sunrise in the South Pacific.

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