French Pacific Islands

Franco-Pacific Islands

Explore the pleasures of sailing on the paradisiacal islands of French Polynesia. Anae evacuation, violence in Mendi, French Polynesia and more. Cohort study of students in the French Pacific Islands. Convert money in Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD) to and from the French Pacific Franc (XPF) at current exchange rates.

The World Cruising Club - West Coast Rally to the French Pacific Islands

This is just a few of the thousand islands and reefs that make up one of the largest sail areas in the word, Hiva Oa, Nuku Hiva, Raiatea, Bora Bora, to name but a few. Explore the joys of cross-country on your own cruiser with the ARC Pacific Rally. WoCruising Club - the world's leading provider of overseas cruise yacht rallyes will open a new itinerary from the US Pacific coast in spring 2018.

ARC Pacific is the gate to the Pacific Ocean, starting in spring 2018 from Los Angeles CA via Cabo San Lucas in Mexico on a two-stage tour to French Polynesia. On the way to Mexico there is an excellent tee-off and the opportunity to get ready for the "Big-Hop", the 2,900 sea miles long crossing to Hiva Oa on the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia.

Rewarding this sea adventures is the opportunity to discover the world's largest sailing area with islands, a real nautical paradise. The Caribbean 1500, the eastern US coastline to the Caribbean, which has been in operation since 1991, and the Atlantic Race for Cruisers (ARC), which has crossed the Atlantic every year since 1986.

This is the first year that US and Canadian West Coast sailing enthusiasts can take advantage of these years of experiences and expertise to make their own Blue Water dreams come true. Like all World Club Rallyes there will be help and advices before the event, with workshops and meetings where the seasoned staff of the World Club will give hints on meteorology, passenger scheduling and boating preparations - all skippers and cruise yachtsmen.

Our periodic meteorological updates at ocean level will help ensure the safety of cruise ships while allowing families and buddies to follow their advances on the website. ARC Pacific is the first stage in the adventures of a cruiser who wants to station his sailing boat on the French Pacific Islands or even fly around the globe.

If you want to cross further, the race is planned so that the Tahitian vessels can participate in the occasion. Since 1986, the Jimmy Cornell founding Club has developed into the premier organizer of off-shore sail-rallyes. It organizes the ARC Caribbean 1500, ARC Bahamas and ARC DelMarVa Rallyes in the USA and the ARC USA from the Virgin Islands.

Its best-known event is the yearly Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, which crosses the Atlantic Ocean with over 270 boats every year. The World ARC has been circling the world through the Panama Canal and South Africa since 2008. More than 6,500 boats have participated in the World Cruising Club Rallyes since it was founded.

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