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This can be referred to as Freeport, a variant of the free port: Freeport Braintree is located in a relaxed village environment and offers a way out of the stress of shopping in the city. Newest tweets from Freeport Braintree (@FreeportEssex). The Freeport Braintree Outlet Shopping Village. Fremont Braintree, Braintree, United Kingdom.

Core competencies

Leader in the development and operation of outlets centers in Europe..... In 1994, Freeport brought the US outline of outlets to Europe....... At Freeport we are one of the European leaders in the development and operation of outlets centers. Fréreport is an investment bank, wealth management and outlets centre owner.

Freeport, with experience in the development, ownership and operation of more than 15 centers around the globe since 1994, is an well established outlets franchise that is now able to provide its capabilities to other institutional outfitters.

Fremont Braintree - 2018 All you need to know before you go (with photos)

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Development of our retailing strategies

It was in line with our policy of having, maintaining and building the best retailing locations in the UK. It is clear to us that the points of sale are a growing area. Buyers are willing to continue traveling and spending more when they go to the outlet, looking for top labels, great rebates and an all-day outing.

However, we have selectively expanded our outlet portfolios. Our policy has been to focus on those investments that we believe have significant leadership opportunities. We focus our retailing strategies on those locations that provide the liveliest and most rewarding experience for both the retailer and the consumer.

As a result of this takeover, we are expanding our product range with three new locations where we see room for growth". Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, one of the UK's premier outlets, has given us a plan for this. While Gunwharf Quays also profits from neighboring rides such as Spinnaker Tower on the front door, we believe Freeport can become a similarly coveted outletship.

At present, the center has 85 different labels, among them many well-known ones from the fields of fashions and cosmetics, families, living and giving, sport and outdoor. The Freeport has good traffic connections, its own railway terminal, a free shuttles from Braintree city center and close to the M11 and Stansted airport. There is considerable scope for expanding the area and attracting more travellers and encouraging longer stays.

That is why we will be upgrading the appearance of the building, landscape design and signs in the next few of these. We will ensure that the range of foods and beverages meets all the needs of our visitors and we will look for the best new labels to work with. Like in our other outlets, we will turn the old tenant-tenant relationships upside down.

We' ll work in close cooperation with our retailers to keep the brand offering constantly evolving so that consumers keep coming back to the latest offerings in them. For Freeport, we have some thrilling years ahead. It' s still in its infancy, but we believe that there is so much untapped growth opportunity for the UK as it could be one of the UK's premier outlets in the years ahead.

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