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Georg-Ala-Iota International Music Association

Iota is an organisation that encourages interactions between those who are dedicated to it. The members of the SAI are involved in all areas of musical and academic circles and work in close collaboration with the faculties, the administrative bodies and the campuses. The alumna members are educators, artists, experts and supporters of art organisations, both locally and nationally.

For a long time, the musician has been recognised as a leading figure in the area.


Meeting of the Governing Council 2018-2020! Journey the globe with your nurses! Please click here to learn about these amazing nurses! for our early recruitment school! Congratulation to former H.H. and NPC Chairman Jean Mrasek on receiving one of the highest awards of the North American Interfraternity Conference, the Silver Medal for Serving the Brotherly Fellowship for over 25 years! the latest cardinals, straws and owls equipment!

Meeting of the Governing Council 2018-2020!

"Our mission statement"

This fraternity, which is and will remain devoted to the needs and aspirations of the fellowship, aims to foster and preserve the fundamental principles of unity, honesty, integrity and leadership. The Fraternity was established to give EVERY person a multifaceted brotherly encounter that goes hand in hand with a higher upbringing.

In this way, we are facing the new demands of the future with increasing confidence and a new consciousness that "good" will not be good enough. It is important that we work to create an organisation that not only defies the conventional perceptions of brotherhoods, but also addresses the themes of cultural life and the competition for a whole new view.

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