Fox Harbour

Harbour Fox

Located on the dramatic Northumberland Shore, the Fox Harb'r Resort combines Nova Scotia luxury travel with the classic charm of the East Coast. The Fox Harbour is a Canadian rural community in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, on a peninsula stretching into the Northumberland Strait. We had our first visit at Fox Harbour Resort and had a great time! Play even harder with our exclusive Fly, Stay & Play at the world famous Fox Harb'r Resort on Nova Scotia's Northumberland Shore. Locate hotels near Fox Harbour Provincial Park, Canada online.

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The Fox Harbour is a provincial municipality in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, on a peninsular stretching into the Northumberland Strait. The municipality of Lower Gulf Shore is on the western side and Wallace on the southern side. The houses are primarily around the port, with the emphasis on the scenic St Andrew's United Church, which is part of the Three Harbours Pastoral Charge of the United Church of Canada.

Businessman Ron Joyce built an exquisite luxurious spa and a closed municipality around Cape Cliff on the northern side of the Northumberland Strait between the municipality and the Northumberland Strait in the 1990'. He' s approaching from Fox Harbour Airport.

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