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Manele Bay Ocean Front King Room. "Challenge in Manele Bay is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. " Four Seasons Lanai is the best hotel in Hawaii," said John Hardy. For Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay: Lanai Hawaii America Serikat . Discover this untouched island playground and experience your own private Hawaii.

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Lana'i Four Seasons Resort in Manele Bay's 236 luxury rooms and suite offers a relaxing feeling of the islands, while the latest technologies include liquid crystal TV and fast broadband connections. While some rooms have a view of the resort's lush garden, others have stunning vistas of Hulopo'e Bay and the Pacific Ocean. On an average of 65 sqm all rooms have a cosily decorated, privately owned patio or a balkony from which you can admire the beautiful area.

Roomy en-suite facilities include the classic Four Seasons amenities: a twin washbasin made of stone, a low bath and a seperate en-suite bathroom with sundeck. The Manele Bay Hotel is located high above the most scenic sandy beaches on the Hulopoe Bay archipelago, a protected sea area popular with scuba and snorkelling people. It is rich in exotic species of snorkel.

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Restoration to shut down the Lanai Four Seasons Estates

Four Seasons Resort Lanai on Manele Bay is planning to shut down for about five month in the next few summers as it undergoes $75 million worth of refurbishment, including a new three-pool facility and enhancements to its grand entrance area. The Four Seasons Resort Lanai on Manele Bay is going through a major refurbishment that is said to be worth $27 million.

WAILEA, Hawaii >> Four Seasons Lanai on Manele Bay is planning to shut down for about five month in the coming season, while going through a $75 million refurbishment that will include a new three-pool facility and enhancements to the lobby's headquarters. Manele is closed between June and October.

Four Seasons Resort The Lodge in Koele will also be shut down from the beginning to the end of next year, while it will house builders working on local development work. They are both used as living quarters for renovators, and the firm wants to keep all 700 or so employees in the two resort that were working during the closing, according to a Pulama Lana'i spokesperson.

Both resort restaurant will also be shut down during the renovation. "We intend to keep Four Seasons staff busy and while we work out further detail with the trade unions, we believe we can reach an agreement," Lori Teranishi of Pulama Lana'i said by e-mail on Thursday.

The Pulama Lana'i corporation that manages the operation for Billiard Shareholder Larry Ellison hosted a 60-person congregation gathering at the Lanai Senior Center on Tuesday. The group was informed about the renovation plans by officers of the firm, who responded to the needs of the population. Refurbishments must also be authorised by the Lanai Planning Commission.

The following card shows the suggested swimming pools at Four Seasons Resort Lanai in Manele Bay. Featuring a tranquility and home spa, the three-pool facility is part of a $75 million overhaul. President John Ornellas said he had received a general survey of the refurbishment but had not yet seen "all the screws and nuts" of the work.

He was, however, pleased with the company's intention to prevent redundancies. What the staff, such as house keepers and rescue swimmers, would do during the renovation is still being worked out from both sides, Gima said. For Lanai operatives, Gima said the situa-tion is similar to what the federal goverment did in making a statewide civil protection discharge programme with the Civil Protection Corps during the Great Depression.

He said that those who are not allowed to work during the closing could be used in state work. Ornellas found that Ellison owns 98% of Lanai, adding that the workmen could carry out road works and clean-up. Renovation of the Four Seasons Resort will include three new swimming pools to take the place of the current major swimming ponds between the Plumeria and Dolphin complex.

Ali'i is a two-storey apartment with terrace and servicebar, private garden, indoor pools and an outside lounging area with barbeque area. Suggested major enhancements to the foyer include the conversion of an established offices and 13 4th storey queen size bed rooms into spas.

Also the sport bars, the gym, fire prevention and alarms and other constructional enhancements will be renewed.

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