Four Seasons Hawaii Lanai

Hawaii Lanai Four Seasons

Hawaii Four Seasons, Lanai, Hawaii XVIII/2019 Days 2018/2019 Re-opened in February 2016 after a renovation worth millions, this is one of the lanai's quaint first-time stops. During the twentieth and eighteenth centuries, three fourths of the world's pineapple was cultivated on Lanai. Today the orchards are only a faded reminder, as the isle is the first tourist resort in the tropics to find a new name.

There is a sea reservation overlooking the complex, as coastline paths take you to a gold sandy half-moon known as Hulopo'e Beach. There is also a calf and hatchery for several hundred migratory cetaceans, just five mins from the sanctuary, along with a nursery of coyotes. Each of the 237 rooms has down quilts and cushions, thick terry towelling bath robes and slender Hawaiian-inspired interior rooms with meahogany flooring, hand-woven carpets and made-to-measure works of art.

In order to keep in touch, there is free WiFi, 75" LCD TV and iPad in the room with free internet connection to over 3,000 papers. The Four Seasons restaurant offers everything from Mediterranean barbecues and shellfish to savour yummy, freshly prepared dishes from the best fresh cuisines.

Maybe in shellfish directly from Kailani's fishers with a view of the bay of Hulopo'e, or in Nobu Lanai's exquisite Saschimi. You can also enjoy savoury steak at One Forty and a slight bite at Views, with views of the temperate green of Manele Golf Club. Discover the jagged reddish sands of the inner part of the archipelago on a four-wheeled UTV or its submarine reef with diving and snorkeling outfits.

There are also great walks, cycling and horseback rides through highland paths and secluded lush vegetation covered canyons. There is a great course, several racecourses, gym equipment and swimming pool with ice lolly, cooled hand Towels and even free sun protection.

Lanai Hawaii Four Seasons Resort

The 217-headed residence offers visitors a rugged water landscape with more than 30 open diving spots and the unspoilt Hulopoe Bay protected area under its steep slope - not to speak of the culture enriched by native Kapunas (Hawaiian elders), which are leaders in trades and art.

Isle decorations pervade the all suites, basketwork in the interior, Hwaiian tea tree and zipwood walls. With Nobu Lanai on the palm of Mastsuhisa's hands, chefs can enjoy Mastsuhisa's typically traditional Japanan cuisine, while the acclaimed One Forty plate of steak and freshly trapped delicious Hwaiian shellfish. Proximity to the Jack Niclaus Sigature Manaele golf course is also a dignified 18-hole golf course.

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