Fly to Oahu Hawaii

Flight to Oahu Hawaii

Are you looking for cheap flights to Oahu? Explore our huge selection of Oahu AARP Senior Member Flights on AARP Travel Center Powered by Expedia. On Oahu, for example, the Aloha Festival takes place in mid-September. One more way to get the best air deal is to fly out of an airport that has a lot of competition. From Honolulu to Oahu - Fly to Honolulu International Airport (HNL).

Guidance for selecting the right Hawaii flight to Hawaii

So, you have chosen Hawaii as your destination, which is ideal for you, and now you need to decide on the logistic to get there. Whenever visitors are facing the challenges of choosing the right destination to start their Hawaii holiday for the first while. It will help you learn how to easily use Hawaii.

You may have discovered, as you may have explored Hawaii' Isles flight choices, that some of them have several different destinations. Although some isles have a small local airfield that seems more comfortable on board, I suggest you fly to the large airfields of each isle and here is the reason:

There are many more services and carriers serving the big airfields that offer you more opportunities to meet your timetable. Bigger aircraft fly to the large airport sites on the Isle, with the exception of the two smallest ones - Lanai and Molokai. At the large aerodromes there are significantly more rent a vehicle shops and vehicle hire stocks.

Large airfields are easily accessible from all large hotels (less than an hour). Let's take one isle after another and take a look at the big airfields and the particular conditions of flying. Oahu's biggest airfield is in Honolulu with the HNL airfield number. It is Hawaii's biggest international airfield and turnstile by far.

The majority of trans-Pacific services go to Oahu. Like you research flight from your home base, you will probably find that almost all of your flight choices demand you to fly in Oahu first. Coming from Oahu's HNL you can easy get connected to any other Hawaiian isle. From Oahu, it is a brief flight to the neighbouring isles - usually about 30 or less mins.

Maui' s largest is Kahului with the OGG international airports number. Some of the mainland US services fly directly to OGG. You can take one of those trips, it'll be handy. Otherwise, you probably need to transfer to Oahu's Honolulu (HNL) aiport.

If you are planning to make the remote Hana (HNM) your Maui holiday destination, the only thing you want to fly to another Maui destination is. There may be an Kapalua International Airfield that seems suitable for the West Maui Resort, but for the above stated reason I still suggest you fly to Kahului (OGG).

Krapalua is a small local airfield. KAUAIKauai's large international airfield is situated in Lihue in East Kauai with the LIH airportcode. While there are a few direct U.S. mainland services to Kauai, most passengers fly to Oahu's Honolulu (HNL) aiport. GREAT ISLAND (West Kona side) Most people who come to the big island for vacations tended to remain on the western side of Hawaii's big island in Kailua-Kona, Keauhou and Kohala coast.

This is the "beachier" side of Hawaii Iceland. KOA is the largest international airfield on this side of the isle. It is located in Keahole, just south of Kona. Like Maui and Kauai, there are a few direct KOA services from the continent to Kona, but the connection to Oahu's Honolulu International HNL is easy.

Although the western side of Hawaii's Big Island is home to the city' s finest seaside resorts, the eastern side has its own attraction, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the Kilauea Volcanoes National Park. If you are visiting Big Island for the first reason with a holiday of one or more weeks, I suggest you fly to the eastern side of Hilo International Airfield with the codes of ITO to begin your holiday to explore the volcanic wonder.

Learn more about where to spend the night on Hawaii's Big Island. Like Maui and Kauai, there are a few direct services from the shore to Hilo (ITO), but the connection to Oahu's Honolulu International HNL is easy. Lanai's largest international airfield is located near Lanai City with the LNY airfield number.

In order to fly to Lanai, you must board at Oahu's Honolulu (HNL) or Maui' OGG airports. Molokai's largest international aerodrome is Kaunakakakakai with the MKK aerodrome number. In order to fly to Molokai, you must fly to Oahu's Honolulu (HNL) or Maui' OGG aiport. When you visit Kalaupapa National Historic Park, you must fly to Kalaupapa International with the LUP country number.

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