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Helicopter Flights to Molokai Hawaii

This summer, Empire Airlines is launching flights to Molokai and Lanai. Hawaii: Iceland Air suspends flight to Molokai, but Ohana enters. Iceland Air will stop flying to Molokai on 1 April, as previously communicated this weekend, but a rival will offer flights to Molokai from mid-March. Iceland Air currently offers two sightseeing flights a day between Honolulu and Hoolehua. As of March 11, Ohana, a Hawaiian Airlines affiliate, will offer three non-stop flights between the two hubs of Hawaii.

"Now that we are sure that Molokai will have an appropriate flight crew to meet their needs, we have chosen to move our planes to a different destination that needs more capacity," said Iceland Ambassador Paul Casey in a declaration. Iceland is still to fly between Honolulu and Kauai, Lanai and Maui.

It belongs to Larry Ellison, a multimillionaire who bought almost the whole of Lanai in 2012. Iceland Air said in a press announcement that it would be contacting travellers with validated bookings to change their reservation as of April 2.

Molokai: The charming island of Hawaii

If we think of Hawaii, Maui, Waikiki, Kauai and the Great Island: There is Molokai: an quaint 38 by 10 mile heaven with just over 7,000 relaxed people, half of whom are Hawaiians. It' s the least hype of all the island, with a small and welcoming local community that gives the visitors the feeling of being part of a particular group.

Soft Molokai charms are not for everyone. This second-smallest of the pristine archipelago is permeated by a tranquil, soft charme. Molokai route versatility can be incorporated into the Hawaii route with versatility. Flights are available from Oahu or Maui, or cuddle up to the beautiful archipelago with great prices, luxurious condominiums or B&B and explore the Sisters' Isles.

Molokai is a friendly place with many brands. Today it is known as " Friendly Iceland ", but it has undergone many metamorphoses. In the sixteenth and seventeenth century, it was described as a "desert island" because of superstitions and fears of the mighty and dreaded Kahunas (priests) who were to live on the Isle.

In the mid-19th century, Molokai became the "Forbidden Island". This was a condemnation of everyone who was sent here until 1873, when a Belgium preacher, Father Damien de Veuster, came to Molokai and devoted his whole days to the care of hepatitisans. Molokai Mule Ride The Kolonie can be accessed with the "Molokai Mule Ride", which contains a 1,700 foot long, proper ride with 26 serpentines.

Exhilarating scenic drive to Palaau State Park for spectacular vistas of the Kalaaupapa Lookout, a panorama of the leprosy settlement, the international airports and the 2,000 feet high seacliff. The other way leads you to Phallic Rock; the old Hawaiians recognised this as a fecundity symbo. Easy and clear With cascades, lovely landscapes and the highest rocks in the whole wide open landscape, Molokai allows the visitors to take a few footsteps back into the past, when everything was moving much more slowly and at all times, as they say, "to be able to taste the flowers".

Molokai International is located about eight leagues to the north-west of Kaunakakai. From Maui ( "Lahina") there is a boat to Molokai. Hawaiian Airlines is serving Molokai on a 26-minute service from Honolulu. The Molokai Air Shuttle also operates flights. When you are planning to go to the leper village, you can take a plane to a basic runway at Kalaupapa International Airfield.

The Molokai Airport is used by all other parts of Molokai. To obtain information and leaflets call the Molokai Visitors Association at 800-800-6367 or

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