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Most of the exposed parts of the feathers are grey. The Chatham Islands airlines can offer both domestic flights throughout New Zealand and international flights around the world. For booking flights, visit

When Air NZ says goodbye, small carriers face the challenges

When the Whakatane Ministry came up, it made sence. "The departure of Air New Zealand has given other airlines a window of opportunity to strengthen their position. He said Air New Zealand had "turned away from significant parts of New Zealand's countryside, and that was out of place. With five 12-seater Cessna caravans and two nine-seater Pilatus PC12, Sound Air has a more advanced one-engined, single-pilot turboprop family.

" As Lowe says, smaller carriers are likely to have other new options for expansion as Air New Zealand Link is replacing its 19-seater Beech 1900 with bigger planes. Also Air New Zealand is discontinuing flights from Taupo-to-Wellington and Palmerston North-to-Nelson. The head of Air Chathams, Craig Emeny, said there are clear possibilities, but the carriers must be wary of the route on which they should work.

Emeny, an aeronautical scientist, became a driver and took off in the mid-1980s with Air Chathams. He said that airplane servicing was the highest standard in New Zealand. New Zealand's longest internal trip is a two-hour 20-minute trip from Auckland to the Chathams. Chatham Airlines provided services to the services industry, which included policemen and hospital services, as well as the 650 inhabitants of the Isle.

The tourist industry was small but important and kept the 90 bed of the isle full. It was an easy choice to grow from Chathams and run a New Zealand continental operation. The Whakatane fare is not fixed by Air Chathams, but Emeny said the fare would be similar to Air New Zealand with an avarage of around $170.

Air New Zealand's Wellington-to-Westport subsidiary Sound Air New Zealand is now New Zealand's largest non-Air New Zealand national carrier and its Air New Zealand Link affiliates. Each year it transports 65,000 people to Nelson, Picton, Paraparaumu, Whanganui, Wellington and Blenheim, where Westport is about to take off.

Adhering to a well-known brand and good operation is the keys to Sounds Air's business performance, said Andrew Crawford, general director and partner of Sounds Air. "With Sounds Air, clients from Wellington to Blenheim, the most important destination, have bought a ticket. Mr Crawford said Air New Zealand did a good job, but there were "some stretches that are simply not feasible for them".

Wellington Westport Services charges a fixed rate of $199. Over $55, Air New Zealand is selling pre-sale seats, but the cost is rising to more than $400 for delayed flights on high-traffic flights. From Tauranga, Sun Air has a base on the main North Island.

There is also a saisonal shuttle from Great Barrier to Whangarei. An WWII era model is to be used on a specific "classic" liner between Whakatane and Auckland. This will be one of only two airliner based airliners in the Gulf of Mexico to provide air travel on board our airliners. Another regular line of the DG3 is the 200-kilometer route between Yellow Knife and Hay River in Canada's Northwest Territories.

At the end of April, Air Chathams, which will take over the Auckland-to-Whakatane services of Air New Zealand, are planning to use the former RNZAF airplane for a so-called "classic" operation. They would offer a weekly pickup and drop-off once a month, probably on a weekends. "The airplane, which was converted by Air Chathams, was previously used on regular flights in Tonga.

It attracted clients from the United States and Europe who only came to travel with the services connecting Tonga's major islands of Tongatapu with the Ha'apai Group. Hopefully there would be a similar ride to the Auckland-to-Whakatane experience. DC3 was a secure, dependable airplane that was serviced to New Zealand civilian airlines' standard and was "nice to take in", he said.

It would be enjoyable to use the services.

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